Address Enrichment & Validation

Qualified Clickworkers search and validate address data on the web according to your specifications. Our service and the large global network of Clickworkers enable the update or enrichment of thousands of address data at record pace.

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Fields of application

  • Email address research or verification
  • Research or verification of postal addresses
  • Research or verification of contact persons (management, department manager etc.)
  • Research of branch office addresses
  • Research of URLs


  • Prompt validation or enrichment of any number of address data
  • Improve the up-to-date nature and quality of the data
  • Results are researched and checked by hand
  • Reliable address data, researched internationally by selected native speakers
  • Increase the effectiveness of direct marketing and sales campaigns
  • Scaleable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • Quality assured results
  • API Connection

Address Validation & Enrichment

The procurement and provision of high quality target group address data make a significant contribution to the success of your intended direct marketing and sales campaigns. Many address lists are generated automatically and show high error rates and data sets are often outdated. Furthermore, address data that has been created by hand in your own company can also contain errors. There are numerous sources of error, for example mistypes, change of street names, change of place names, moves, closures, deaths, relocation within a company, staff fluctuation etc. Every incorrect address and return cuts back the effect and effectiveness of the marketing or sales campaigns. This is avoidable!

With our network of thousands of qualified Clickworkers we will be glad to search your address data sets online. Inaccurate data will be corrected, outdated data updated and non-existent address data will be marked accordingly. This will give you immediate data, and if required, address data that is updated at regular intervals. This data will provide a basis for the successful realization of your marketing or sales campaigns.
In addition, we offer our data enrichment service to enhance the optimization of your data sets. Data can be supplemented by adding contact persons, email addresses, branches or URLs. Every optimized data set increases the value of your database, irrespective of whether you are using it for your own purposes or as a third-party provider.
To ensure the quality of the data, the information will only be collected by Clickworkers with the relevant native language. In addition, the data can be collected several times and the results can be compared.

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Direct quote

“To make preparations for a direct marketing campaign, we needed the data of contact persons in 15,000 companies. We let the Clickworkers research the company websites to find or check the address and name of the relevant contact person.” …”The pace was impressive. The whole process took less than three days.” …”Honestly, for some jobs, there are no other options. In particular with regard to the duration of the implementation. We wanted to have the project realized in 14 days. We would never have managed it on our own. Agencies even estimated four weeks.”

Steffen Jarosch, Intra2net AG

Managed service – Address Validation & Enrichment

We are a full-service provider and offer numerous crowdsourcing solutions and services for the entire address research order process. We discuss the order with you, advise you with regard to the options, setup the project, divide it into small, individual research jobs and offer these tasks to qualified Clickworkers for processing. After consulting with you, we implement suitable quality assurance measures and make the payments to the Clickworkers for you.

Get in touch with our service team. Your personal adviser and contact person will be delighted to handle your request and advise you!

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Order specifications

In order to provide the best possible advice regarding an inquiry, or to order our “Address Enrichment & Validation” services, we will need the following basic information:

  • In which countries will the addresses be searched for?
  • Will you need an address validation, address enrichment or both?
  • Which address data do you want to have searched (street, zip code, city, contact person, email etc.)?
  • How many addresses will you need (order volume)?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • Will you need an API connection?

This is how it works

  1. Contact us and discuss your individual address research project with us.
  2. We set the project up online, divide it into individual microtasks and make it available to Clickworkers who are qualified to work on your project.
  3. Our Clickworkers research the required addresses online and complete or validate them for you.
  4. If requested, all data will be double searched by two different Clickworkers to ensure correct results.
  5. The verified results will be sent to you in an Excel sheet via email or directly via API connection at the requested intervals.

More one-stop service

Our “Address Validation & Enrichment” solution can also be combined and expanded with other solutions and services:


Our API enables the seamless transfer of researched information into your systems.

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Mobile Crowdsourcing

With our “Mobile Crowdsourcing” service you can also obtain local data in addition to the Web research information. Our Clickworkers can use their smartphones to collect current information such as GEO-Codes and address data, or take pictures of restaurants and shop windows.

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Lead Research

You can use this service to create a list of possible customers as a basis for customer acquisition.

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