Address Enrichment & Validation

Verified data is everything when it comes to marketing. Our address enrichment and validation services help you engage in targeted marketing. Let our Clickworkers research and validate addresses so you can market your products and services to actual people, not inaccurate leads caused by incorrect data.

Address Enrichment & Validation
Address Validation & Enrichment Use cases

Applications of Address Validation and Enrichment Services

Our address validation and address enrichment services include lead validation and enrichment services and can be used to research and verify the following data:

  • Email addresses
  • Postal addresses
  • Individual contacts and their titles and departments
  • Branch offices
  • URLs
  • Lead contact data sets

from Address Validation and Enrichment Services

    Marketing Benefits

  • Expand your mail campaigns with additional leads and contact data
  • Increase the conversion rate of your mailing campaigns with correct mail and postal addresses
  • Reduce bounce rate with personal and correct addresses
  • Reduce wastage of your print or online mailing campaigns by using correct address data of your target group
  • Business Benefits

  • Speed: Quickly validate or extend any number of addresses using individual, task-based projects
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Scalable throughout
  • Flexible workforce
  • One-stop managed service
  • API connection
  • Benefit in Value

  • All results are quality-assured, manually processed and validated by Clickworkers
  • Research international markets using Clickworkers that are native speakers
Address Validation and Enrichment Services

Address Validation and Enrichment Services

The quality of your leads plays a big role in the success of your direct marketing and sales campaigns.

Most address lists are full of errors and fake leads. Whether these errors are simple typos, or a result of a change of address, store closures, relocation within a company, or something else. Whatever the reason, you don’t have time to waste your valuable marketing budgets advertising to inaccurate leads.

Correct and complete address data are most important for a successful mailing campaign

When mailing, it is important to know the correct name and title of the contact person. If you skimp on address purchasing or research the addresses poorly, your mailing campaign will never reach or appeal to the recipients. This significantly reduces your mailing’s chances of success. Especially for print mailings, a well-maintained and up-to-date address database also includes the full company name, the full name of the contact person and the correct address, which does not already cause problems at the post office.

We ensure that your address data are always up-to-date and complete

Our address validation and enrichment services help you assess, validate, and supplement your address lists, saving you time and guaranteeing that you are marketing to real customers.

Take advantage of our network of over 6 million Clickworkers. Qualified Clickworkers will search for specific addresses, validating them in the process. Any inaccurate data will be fixed and non-existent address data will be flagged. We also offer a value-added data enrichment service that can be used to optimize your existing data sets by filling them out with all relevant information.

Every project is quality-assured and completed by a Clickworker who speaks the relevant native language and cross-checked by a second Clickworker.

With accurate leads you can rely on, you’ll be better able to market to real customers, boosting your marketing efficiency and improving your KPIs.

Address Validation and Enrichment Services

Managed Service

Use our managed Address Validation and
Enrichment Services for customized projects

We are a full-service provider that offers various crowdsourcing solutions when it comes to your address validation or address enrichment needs. From start to finish, we discuss the project with you, divide it into smaller micro tasks, and offer them to qualified Clickworkers. Each project includes guidance, quality assurance, and payments are made to your Clickworkers for you through our platform.

Do you need accurate address lists or other lead validation services? – Just contact one of clickworker’s personal advisors today.

Managed Address Validation & Enrichment Services

How it works:

  • You contact us and provide any relevant details about your address validation or address enrichment project.
  • The project is created, divided up into micro tasks, and made available online to our network of Clickworkers.
  • Clickworkers research all required contact data, validate them, and enrich your databases.
  • OPTIONAL: You may request that all contact data is verified by one or two additional Clickworkers.
  • All contact data research results are sent to you in Excel format via email, or directly through an API connection.
Contact our Sales +1 (212) 878-6686 +49 201 95971830

Order specifications for Address Validation
& Enrichment Services

We want to provide you with the best possible address validation and lead enrichment services we can.
Here’s what we need to know before getting started:

  • Which country are the addresses being searched for?
  • Do you need address validation, address enrichment, or both?
  • What specific address data do you want (street, zip codes, city, contact person, emails, etc.)?
  • How many addresses do you need searched?
  • What kind of quality control requirements do you have?
  • Will you require an API connection?

What our customers say about our address and contact data checking & collecting services

We needed the data of contact persons in 15,000 companies to make preparations for a direct marketing campaign. We let Clickworkers research the company websites to find or check the address and name of the relevant contact person. The pace was impressive. The whole process took less than three days. Honestly, for some jobs, there are no other options. In regard to the duration of the implementation, we wanted to have the project completed in 14 days. We would never have managed that on our own. Other agencies estimated as long as four weeks.

TMobile - lead validation service
Kiveda - lead validation service
Elbit - lead validation service
TennisPoint - lead validation service
WeFi - lead validation service
Sharewise - lead validation service

Looking for more?

There are several services we offer that pair well with our address validation and enrichment services. Here are just a few examples we recommend:



Our API service streamlines the transfer and integration of data into your systems with a dedicated API connection.

Customer Insights from PoS

POS / Store Checks

Our mobile crowdsourcing service is designed to help you collect even more local data. Clickworkers use their smartphones to collect useful information from Point of Sales and monitor your PoS activities on site.

Customer Insights from PoS

Lead Research Services

Our lead research service helps you build valuable lead lists that can be used for customer acquisition in your marketing efforts.

FAQs on Address Validation and Lead Enrichment Services by clickworker

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on validation, enrichment and verification regarding contact data and on our solution at clickworker.
For any further questions do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.

What is the purpose of lead validation?

Lead validation is the process of identifying and confirming that a lead, or potential customer, is who they say they are. Many times companies will use data to determine if leads are likely to purchase from them before they send a sales outreach email.

What is lead verification?

Lead verification is the process of verifying that an individual who has expressed interest in your product or service actually exists and is a legitimate prospect for your business. This can be done through validating leads through phone calls, email chats and other methods.

What is address validation?

Address validation is the process of verifying whether an email address (or location address) provided to send marketing emails actually exists or not. Address validation enables brands to avoid sending unwanted messages while ensuring they are reaching their target audience.

Why is address validation important?

Address validation is important in marketing because it allows you to send targeted, personalised communications and campaigns. When an address has no postal code or sends a non-working number, it can be difficult to deliver the messages you intend.

What is the meaning of lead enrichment?

Lead enrichment means taking information from your leads and building a profile of those people who are most likely to convert into customers. You can then use this info in order to segment the leads into different groups, and then target them with the right marketing messages.

Why do i need address validation services?

Address validation services can be used to ensure that the address filed by a company is correct and up-to-date. This can be especially important for companies in industries such as construction, real estate, and insurance. In general, having up-to-date and comprehensive contact information is a top priority in Ecommerce and B2B.