Datasets for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence AI training

Bringing the human touch to machine learning and AI training. Your algorithms need human interaction if you want them to provide human-like results. Our service AI training datasets for Machine Learning focuses on machine vision and conversational AI.

Datasets for Machine Learning

Training Datasets for Machine Learning by clickworker

With over 6 million Clickworkers, we are ready to help you get more out of your algorithms by generating, labeling and validating unique AI datasets, specifically tailored to your needs as well as provide you with a solution for analyzing your AI’s output results in no time.

Generation of AI Datasets for Machine Learning

of Datasets for Machine Learning

Gathering large amounts of high-quality AI training data that meet all requirements for a specific learning objective is often one of the most difficult tasks while working on a machine learning project.

For each individual project clickworker can provide you with unique and newly created AI datasets, such as photos, audio and video recordings as well as texts to assist you in developing your learning-based algorithm.

Training data for machine learning - Audio Datasets

Voice Recordings / Audio Datasets

e.g. for learning-based speech recognition systems

AI Datasets for Machine Learning - Image Datasets

Photos / Image Datasets

e.g. facial imagery including facial expressions for training learning-based algorithms (AI) to recognize human features as well as emotions

AI Datasets for Machine Learning - Video Datasets

Video Recordings / Video Datasets

e.g. for training learning-based algorithms (AI) to analyze and evaluate a scene through motion pictures

AI Datasets for Machine Learning - Text Creation

Text Creation

in handwritten and/or typed format – e.g. for training learning-based algorithms (AI) to visually recognize and contextually analyze text inputs

Labeling & Validation of AI Datasets for Machine Learning

Labeling & Validation
of Datasets for Machine Learning

In most cases well prepared AI training data inputs are only attainable through human annotation and often play an essential role in successfully training a learning-based algorithm (AI). clickworker can assist you in preparing your AI datasets with an international crowd of over 6 million Clickworkers though tagging and/or annotating text as well as imagery based on your needs

In addition to that our crowd is able make sure your existing AI training data complies with your specifications and even evaluates output results from your algorithm through human logic.

Image Annotation of AI Datasets for Machine Learning

Image Annotation

e.g. road signs and vehicles for training autonomous driving and parking systems

AI Datasets for Machine Learning - Text Analysis

Text Analysis

and evaluation (text mining)

Output Evaluation of Learning-based Algorithms

Output Evaluation of Learning-based Algorithms

by humans

Datasets for Machine Learning

of Datasets for Machine Learning by clickworker

  • AI Training data created specifically to your needs
  • Wide variety of AI datasets due to a large and globally distributed crowd
  • Data harvesting and evaluation by humans
  • Combination of raw AI training data generation + tagging and annotation services
  • Unlimited usage rights of all AI datasets
  • API integration is available

Order Specifications
for AI Datasets for Machine Learning

Are you looking to make an inquiry regarding our Managed Services “AI Datasets for Machine Learning”?
Here’s what we need to know:

  • What is the general scope of the task?
    • What type of AI training data will you require?
    • How do you require the AI training data to be processed?
    • What type of AI datasets do you need evaluated? How do you want them evaluated? Do you require us to follow a specific instruction set?
    • What do you need tested or run through a set of processes? Do these tasks require a specific form?
  • What is the size of the AI training data project?
  • Do you require Clickworkers from a specific region?
  • What kind of quality control requirements do you have?
  • Which data format do you need the datases for machine learning / data to be delivered in?
  • Do you require an API connection?

For Photos:

  • Which format do you require the photos to be?

What our Customers say about our service “AI Datasets for Machine Learning”

We are constantly optimizing our AI systems in the field of mobile communication and virtual assistants. clickworker is the ideal partner and helped us quickly obtain AI training data in the form of possible questions formations for training of our AI systems. Recently, 1,000 predefined questions were paraphrased between 100 and 200 times by Clickworkers. This AI training data was essential!

Training data for machine learning - TMobile
Training data for machine learning - Unbotify
Training data for machine learning - TennisPoint
Training data for machine learning - WeFi
Training data for machine learning - Elbit Systems
Training data for machine learning - Sharewise

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AI Datasets for Machine Learning – FAQ

What is AI training data?

AI training data is the information used in machine learning algorithms to 'learn' how to perform a specific task. It consists of examples, labeled or unlabeled (such as images), of inputs and outputs.

Which database is used in machine learning?

The data set used in machine learning is the training dataset. In order to train and make predictions with machine learning, you will need a dataset of input variables and corresponding outcomes that can be used to identify patterns in the data.

What are datasets for machine learning?

Data sets are collections of observations or cases, and they are used to train machine learning algorithms. The term can also refer to the collection of data that is analyzed by a specific algorithm.

Which database is best for machine learning?

The most commonly used database for machine learning is the MySQL relational database. The reason it's so common is because of its ease-of-use and affordability, as well as the fact that it's a relational database. The SQL language is simple and easy to use, which makes it easier for developers to learn the basics of machine learning without much effort or study.

What are the main AI data types?

AI training data types can be basically divided into four types:

  • Visual data - graphics, photos and videos
  • Audio data - voice and speech recordings
  • Textual data - linguistically relevant characters, words, sentences
  • Numerical data - numbers and measurements
AI training data can be used as row data or as labeled, tagged, or annotated data, depending on the training and learning methods and objectives.

Where to get training data for machine learning?

It depends on the specific use case. You can use publicly available data and datasets or create your own dataset with historical records. If the training data should be more specific and professional an AI & ML training data provider like clickworker should be contacted.

What makes a good AI dataset for machine learning?

A good AI dataset for Machine Learning would be one that has a lot of data and is well-structured so that the Machine Learning algorithm can learn from it easily. High quality AI datasets in large quantities are the basis for successful AI and machine learning training. You should also collect individual, newly created data, if possible, to create a unique dataset that cannot be copied by your competitors. A common dataset for Machine Learning is the Netflix dataset.

How is AI training data priced?

The pricing for AI training data depends on how much data you need, the type of language and whether it is tied to a subscription or one time fee. The price can be determined by how much data you need, or by the size of your budget. It depends on various factors like project scope, complexity, customer and system requirements, and set for each case individually. If you are interested in this service contact clickworker directly.