Automated Content Tagging – Short Explanation

Content tags are used online and in databases as a way of differentiating specific information. Tags can be applied in a variety of different methods, and generally, content creators manually tag information upon completion. These tags are a means of organizing and filtering related content for readers.

The benefits of content tagging cannot be discounted. While tags are of great value to the customer in terms of finding information, they are perhaps even more valuable to internal teams. Sales and support teams, as well as others, use tagged information to ensure consumers receive the information in a timely manner, but these tags need to be correct to be useful. Manual content tagging can be a time-consuming process, especially for legacy content. In addition, manual tagging is, at times, incorrect. This could be due to the individual not selecting the right categories. Automated content tagging solves this issue as it removes personal bias from the equation.

Automated Content Tagging in the Real World

Content creators manually tag posts and data they upload into CMS (Content Management Systems) daily. However, the fact of the matter is that the information they are tagging is not always correct. In many cases, two individuals would categorize the same information in two different ways. In fact, studies have shown that the same person organizes their own work differently over the course of multiple days.

In addition to the potential discrepancies in the real world, another factor that needs to be considered is the completeness of the task. When an author needs to select a category from a shortlist of choices, they are much more likely to pick a tag. However, the situation is quite a bit different with larger lists. Here content creators fail to choose all the applicable categories leaving the information uncategorized and less useful.

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Automated Content Tagging in the World of AI

AI systems can automate the process of content tagging to include key business tags with all information in addition to the relevant tags based on the content itself. These business tags can better empower internal teams with information and tools.

However, AI systems are not foolproof. While they will tag content the same way from one iteration to the next, there is the possibility that they are tagging it wrongly from the start. Fortunately, by pairing humans and machines together, an almost perfect partnership can be created. Using this methodology, machines can automatically categorize the content they have confidence in, leaving the smaller remainder to humans.