Chatbot – Short Explanation

Chatbots are software tools that many of us have gotten accustomed to using in our interactions with customer support and service departments around the world. While they were initially very simple, they have gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years.
Chatbots can be paired with comprehensive knowledge base systems which provide them with even greater capabilities. This pairing helps companies improve the support they provide to their consumers. It also helps staff avoid repetitive problems and issues, allowing them to focus on more complex and interesting issues.

Chatbots streamline conversations between users and the company, helping to improve a customer’s overall experience. However, a chatbot is not simply restricted to support and service. It can just as well be used to improve customer engagement and even help drive sales.

Understanding a Chatbot in the Real World

Chatbots can be either powered with AI or completely script driven. They can provide customers with information from a knowledgebase, redirect customers to information or act simply as a means of gathering information.

Chatbots have two primary tasks: The first is understanding what the user is asking and the second is providing a response. If a chatbot cannot understand what the user is asking, they will automatically fail at the second task.

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How a Chatbot Works in the World of AI

The world of AI has helped to transform chatbots from a simple tool into one that is quite complex and intelligent. Current AI based chatbots are capable of so much more than their predecessors. In fact, AI chatbots, at their core, are “taught” through programmed responses but the advantage they have over non-AI systems is that they can learn and become smarter over time.

Normal chatbots work on a simple script. They are great for obtaining answers when there are only a limited set of options available. AI chatbots paired with Natural Language Processing (NLP) do not require a script. Instead they learn what is right and wrong over time. These chatbots start with sample input data but they build on top of this.