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Human Computation – Short Explanation

Human computation or computers cannot do everything after all

The idea behind human computation is the participation of individuals in computer operated algorithmic solutions. Simply explained: In times of technical miracles there are still tasks that cannot be accomplished by computers or only at great expense. These tasks require human intelligence.

A Few Problematic Cases

These types of problems for computers usually occur in the image and language sectors. Therefore human beings are still needed to give images or products in the online trade correct keywords and headings. Computers cannot perform these tasks at present.

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Significance for Crowdsourcing

The previously mentioned tasks are generally less significant or less time-consuming and therefore ideally suited for processing by so-called crowdsourcing portals such as Companies can use these portals to have their tasks performed by crowdsourcing communities at low cost without having to burden their own staff of employees. All in all, the fact that computer technology is not sophisticated enough for artificial intelligence to master every digital problem is a blessing for the crowdsourcing community. As a result a large range of tasks will be maintained for a considerable time.