Strong AI – Short Explanation

Artificial Intelligence comes in a couple of different flavors, which can, at times, be quite confusing. Weak AI or narrow AI is what we currently have available to us. Weak AI is used in systems like facial recognition, voice assistants, and more, and its ability is limited to one specific task.

Weak AI systems might at first glance seem “intelligent,” but in reality, they are working with complex algorithms to mimic intelligence. Systems like these can only work in particular areas.
Strong AI, on the other hand, is more general in focus and ability. It is able to mimic human behavior and react to stimuli and situations the same way a human would. In addition to the way in which it acts, strong AI has the capability of learning and growing.

Voice assistants in the Real World

At the current time, strong AI does not exist. While researchers continue to advance the capabilities of AI through improvements in machine learning, the skills of strong AI are still beyond our science.
One limitation in the creation of strong AI is the theory of mind AI framework. This framework speaks to a systems needs, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Here the system is not merely copying reactions but rather demonstrates a real understanding of humans.