Speed Up Data Collection and Dramatically Improve Data Quality

clickworker can help accelerate your AI or Machine Learning projects by providing you with high-quality structured or unstructured data via our community of 6M+ Clickworkers.

See how clickworker can help you maximize
your AI and Machine Learning datasets.

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Features and Benefits

For a wide variety of common AI and Machine Learning use cases, we provide custom managed and self-service data collection services that utilize our sophisticated crowd-sourcing platform, 6M+ Clickworkers, and fully featured mobile app.

  • Optimal Data Collection

    After several billion text, audio, video, and image collection tasks successfully completed, we can support just about any type of data you want to harvest.
  • Maximize Data Diversity

    By harnessing Clickworker’s global community of 6M+ Clickworkers, you can gather diverse data from your target markets, environments, and applications.
  • Increase Data Quality

    Advanced and automated quality assurance processes ensure the quality of your data.
  • Save Time

    Our app enables Clickworkers to quickly create data sets and transfer them to you from anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Clickworker?

Most Trusted

  • Over 1 million customer projects completed
  • Trusted by 3 of the top 5 leading tech companies

Most Diverse

  • Active global crowd of >6M Clickworkers and growing rapidly each month
  • Data collected in 45 languages and more than 70 target markets

World Class Data Collection

  • Fully featured mobile app
  • Innovative data collection for a wide range of data types

World Class Quality & Security

  • Advanced and automated quality assurance processes
  • Compliance to international legal and data protection standards including ISO 27001 and 100% GDPR compliance

What our Customers say about our service “AI Datasets for Machine Learning”

We are constantly optimizing our AI systems in the field of mobile communication and virtual assistants. clickworker is the ideal partner and helped us quickly obtain AI training data in the form of possible questions formations for training of our AI systems. Recently, 1,000 predefined questions were paraphrased between 100 and 200 times by Clickworkers. This AI training data was essential!

AI & Unbotify
Elbit Systems

About clickworker

With millions of crowd workers (known as “Clickworkers”) on our team, we leverage the expertise and knowledge of our crowd to deliver fast, efficient results for your company.

Our Clickworkers are independent contractors who enjoy the freedom and flexibility that they get from crowd working. They typically use their own devices, a standard web browser, and tools like our App, to complete tasks on a piece rate basis. Most of these micro-tasks are part of a larger, more complex, project. Tasks are managed, quality checked, and reported with the help of our clickworker technology, tools and services.

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