clickworkers application programming interface

The clickworker REST based Web-services allow you to access our crowdsourcing services through an API and integrate them seamlessly into your applications. This can be used for your content management system (CMS), blog or any other Internet application.
You have automatic access to the complete ordering process through the API including:

  • Your account details
  • Product information
  • Forms for our standard products to fit your needs
  • Order placement
  • Order status
  • Order cancellation
  • Results
  • Results acceptance or rejection
  • Number of Clickworkers in a given region

Communication between clickworker and your application uses SSL and is password protected.

Access to the API
To get connected to our API or for any questions just
send a ticket / a request to our support team

API Documentation
Complete documentation of how our API works can be found in PDF form here.
API Concepts
API Reference
External Form

API Explorer
There is an interactive surface on our Sandbox environment to try out the individual API endpoints.
Information about the API Explorer