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“My voice is my password.” As quickly as you read that sentence is just how fast you can earn money with our audio jobs.

Everything you require, you probably already have in your hand: your smartphone. The biggest advantage is that you can work these jobs completely independent of the time of day, or the place you find yourself. Use those irritating commercial breaks when watching television, or boring wait times while commuting to simply record single words or short sentences. Different content will be requested, depending on the project. Smartphone commands like “stop the music” will probably sound familiar to you, and you’re sure to come across them here too.

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What are the requirements for participating in audio jobs on clickworker?

Audio jobs are generally dependent on your language proficiency and on the requirements of our customers. You could see jobs offered in your native language as well as foreign languages. That is why detailing your language skills is one of the most important elements of your profile. Make sure that this information is complete and correctly saved.

The only equipment needed is your smartphone. The built-in microphone allows you to easily take part. There’s a reason why interest in these jobs is very high!
Your audio recordings are employed to train artificial intelligence. So, you are making an important contribution, for example, to the development of speech recognition tools.

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