Bringing Intelligence to Voice Bots to Improve the Customer Experience

What training data is needed to train chatbots -both textbots and voicebots- in a way that provides the user with an optimal user experience and thus pushes the business success of organizations?

We explain the challenges of training chatbots and show what is important and how you can successfully overcome the challenges.

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Best practices to train voice bots
using appropriate training data.

Chatbots —both textbots and voicebots— are here to stay because customers like them, and they can slash the cost of support for organizations. AI-powered chatbots, also known as conversational agents, are transforming the way organizations and their users communicate.Organizations can reduce the cost of customer service, enhance the quality of customer interactions, and enable automated sales through use of quality AI-powered chatbots.Unfortunately, many chatbots are poorly executed and do deeply frustrate users creating negative experiences that can tarnish a brand and drive away customers.

These AI projects have foundered because of a lack of diverse, real-world training data.For an AI-powered chatbot to function well in the real world, it requires real-world data in a high quantity and quality for training. The more precise and reality-based the data, the more successfully the algorithms driving the AI can be trained, tested, and perfected. Many AI projects have foundered because of a lack of diverse, real-world training data.

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