Afrodite – by Maro Filippopoulou

October 10, 2017

Afrodite looked across the living room, as evening light entered through the small window.
Her suitcases were fully packed and waiting by the door.
The old clock on the wall showed 5.45, and in the silence of the room, its gentle tik-tak sound had a huge impact in her worrying mind.
She had less than 30 minutes to leave her apartment and grab a taxi to the airport.
Afrodite stood up with a sigh and opened the drawer of the big wooden furniture that was part of the house she was living all her adult life, god bless her grandma.
Her hands touched the small package wrapped around in a brown paper. She felt the weight of it in her sweaty palm. 1 kilo, more or less, she thought.
Parcel Package “Something small, you can squeeze it into your beauty case”, was the exact words Raven whispered, as he handled it to her.
“So, what is it?”
“Oh, really , it’s better not to know, sweetie”, he said using his best shining smile, and looking directly into her eyes.
But Afrodite was not the kind of girl to put herself at risk just for a random attractive male. He knew that also.
“This package, baby, is 2 years in Art Academy for you. It’s a nice studio in Paris, all bloody River Seine view laying under your bedroom. It’s your ticket to start making your dream come true. The only chance you have, in your little miserable life.”
He gave a kiss on her nose.
“And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything. Just take it with you. When you arrive at Cairo, Omar will be waiting at the airport. He will be holding a plakat with your name on.Just follow him and give the package to him. After that, you ll be free, and your bank account will be much fatter. “
“Yes, i hear that jailtime in Egypt is like a walk in the park, right? “she said, feeling her inside ready to burst.
“Hey, love, a girl like you is above suspicion. You look like an angel, and you have the name of a Greek goddess. Everything is right. “
Everything is right, Afrodite mourmoured to herself.
Airplane in sunset sky Except of, at this time of day, at this particular moment of time, Afrodite stood there not knowing what’s right and what’s wrong.
Not knowing what kind of person she really was.
For some seconds, time stood still.
Even the old clock respected the moment, and made its tiktak sound a little bit kinder.
Sunlight spread in, giving a golder orange colour on everything in the room.Memories of her childhood started to form on the golden light. She saw herself, in the same room, lying on the carpet with her papers and colors all around her. She saw the smiling eyes of her grandmom, she even smelled the cookies in the oven.
Afrodite then felt it.
She closed her eyes and just felt it,deeply inside her inner body, in the depth of her mind. She knew now. She knew who she was. It took just a few seconds.
Calmly she stood up and reached the phone.

The end.

Author: Maro Filippopoulou

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