Closed Clickworker accounts – what happens to the information?


Clickworker accounts contain all the data relevant to a Clickworker including their profile, current account status and activity. uses the profile information to offer Clickworkers appropriate jobs and the bank and tax information is necessary get paid for completed jobs.

Should a Clickworker decide to cancel their account, the data is saved for a maximum of 40 days. There are two reasons for this. One is so that the account can be easily reactivated if necessary. The other reason is that the bank information is required to pay out any outstanding account balances. If the closed account has a balance greater than the 10 Euro minimum then the person will get paid on the 7th of the following month.

The most common reason payments remain unpaid is because the Clickworker did not provide correct bank information or did not provide any bank information at all. If this is the case, it is impossible for us to generate a proper credit statement and payment cannot be completed. The Clickworker must contact us and provide correct and complete information. Legally, the right to payment has a three year statute of limitations.

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Maria Helena Gonzalez 03.12.2010, 23:29:21 Uhr


Hello, I just got a bank account. How can I let you know about my bank information?
MAría Helena Gonzalez

Angelina Conic 06.12.2010, 13:25:48 Uhr


Hi Maria,

Please enter your bank account details in the menu “Payment details” when you are logged in the workplace. If you haven’t entered your tax details so far, you can do it in the menu “Tax details”.
Support & Community Management

Jessie Chandler 09.01.2011, 07:45:30 Uhr


Hi, I entered in my payment details and still haven’t been paid. I was just wondering why and when I could expect it? Thanks for all of your help!

Angelina Conic 09.01.2011, 23:42:35 Uhr


Hi Jessie,

Thank you for comment. Could it be that you have entered your payment details after January, 7th? If so, payment will occur with the next payment cycle in February. If not, please write an email at and we will take a look at your account.
Support & Community Management

win 15.01.2011, 21:00:57 Uhr


hi ,
i preffered and I already added a Paypal account on my “payment details” .
my question is:will i still get paid even i did not used or add a bank account and tax details?does click worker automatically deduct my “account balance” in my clickworker and send payment automatically on the 7th on my Paypal account?looking forward to your reply.
I am currently new here and i love your website.Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Anna Fontana 16.01.2011, 13:08:09 Uhr


I gave all the needed informations about my bank account at the beginning of december 2010 and up to now I did not receive anything. So, I do not know if is the case to continue working for you or not or whether my collaboration is welcome.

Daniel Marz 16.01.2011, 14:17:34 Uhr


Please check if all three requrements are fulfilled to receive a payment: The payable balance must be over 10 Euro/Dollar, you need to enter either a bank account or PayPal address and third, you have to provide us with (at least a basic) tax information. If all three requirements seem to be fulfilled, please send us a short email request including your user name. We will then check the issue manually.

Daniel Marz 16.01.2011, 14:21:24 Uhr


Bank account and PayPal address are alternatives, you only need to provide us with one of them to receive payments. Tax information is always needed. If you are not living in Germany you only have to answer the “Yes/No question”. You don’t have to provide us with any additional info like tax nr.

So in case you didn’t enter your tax information, please do so and don’t forget to save.

Anna Fontana 16.01.2011, 18:31:19 Uhr


Dear Daniel,
I fulfilled the requirement of datas on my bank account. The amount of many iis little (about 17,00 euro) but over the 10,00. The only thing is that I did not found the request of tax informations… probably the failure depends on that. I will check.
Thanks for you answer, Anna