The Clickworker support and community management team

January 24, 2013

Some staff changes have been made in the Support and Community Management team in the course of the past year. Mandy began work as a permanently employed Junior Community Manager in July 2012. She joins Angelina and Daniel, who have been staff members since 2008 and 2010. Mandy will work full time in Community Support as soon as she has completed her studies.

Clickworker community management AngelinaCommunity Support: MandyClickworker community management Ann-KristinClickworker community management DanielClickworker community management JanaClickworker community management Nadine

Angelina, Mandy, Ann-Kristin, Daniel, Jana, Nadine

In addition to the permanent employees we now have three student assistants again. Ann Kristin is the longest-serving student and has worked at for over two years. Jana joined the team in August 2012, and Nadine who rounds off the trio, began work at the end of November.

But only Daniel and Angelina are there every day to answer your emails and inquiries. The other four take turns working, which is why messages aren’t always answered by the same person. At the moment the office has a maximum capacity of four people. We hope we will get a larger office in the course of this year so that we can continue to sit together, because things will be a bit “cramped” as soon as Mandy starts working full time.

It goes without saying that we all have other tasks apart from answering inquiries. Mandy is responsible for Clickworker campaigns, Tina for creating the Clicknews and the newsletters, Jana is in charge of blog connection maintenance and answering knowledge portal questions, and Nadine keeps our Twitter channels up to date. Angelina is in charge of recruiting new Clickworkers, and Daniel is crucial for our UHRS support. Additionally they both work on the development of new concepts to improve the work surface at and make it easier to use.

And although he doesn’t come along very often anymore, Angelina’s dog Josh still has a basket in the corner and whenever he’s here he enjoys sleeping on the threshold of the office door. His main job is it to scare people by nudging them with his wet nose under the table.

Office dog Josh Josh

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nancy 25.01.2013, 23:54:07 Uhr


They are a great team! Thanku for your support!

Arthur 26.01.2013, 04:43:59 Uhr


This post was like meeting our bosses. :)

paulo 26.01.2013, 11:42:24 Uhr


hello :)

Magdalena 26.01.2013, 13:20:57 Uhr


Bei eurem Text hat sich ein Fehlerteufel eingeschlichen ;)…Ich vermute mal, dass “…Nadine dafür, dass unsere Twitter-Kanäle auf dem neusten Stadt sind…” – eigentlich Stand heißen sollte.

Daniel Marz 26.01.2013, 16:24:45 Uhr


Magdalena, da hast du natürlich Recht. Es muss “Stand” heißen. Wird korrigiert. ;)

Athanasios 27.01.2013, 14:59:38 Uhr


You do a great job over there guy and girls!
Especially, Mandy and Nadine have helped me a lot.

Keep up the great job.
Have a great day!

Veronica Waters 12.02.2013, 20:22:55 Uhr


Looking for employment are their any clerical jobs available. If so please let me know.

Veronica Waters