Easter Greetings from clickworker – Easter Quiz 2018

April 1, 2018

We wish you a wonderful Easter celebration! We don’t want you to get bored today on Easter Sunday, so we’ve prepared a little contest for you. Take part for your chance to win 50€. The prize money winner will be selected from among all participating clickworkers.

How it works:

Answer all four Easter questions, which will qualify you to take part in the prize money drawing. Send us your guesses to all questions in an email no later than 4/2/18 to contest@clickworker.com and include the subject “Easter Quiz 2018.”

1.) Have you noticed yet? We moved. What is the current street number of the German clickworker office?

  • a) 76
  • b) 34
  • c) 30

2.) Someone has to lay all the eggs the Easter Bunny brings… How many eggs does a chicken lay?

Easter Quiz 2018
  • a) Maximum one egg per day
  • b) One carton full, so 12
  • c) On a good day it’s 3

3.) Where did Easter Island get its interesting name?

Easter Island
  • a) It was mapped by Ernest G. Easter
  • b) It was discovered on Easter Sunday
  • c) The famous stone statues on the island look like Easter bunnies.

4.) What do Swedish women who are in love do on Easter?

  • a) Light an Easter fire
  • b) Catch the Easter Bunny
  • c) Fetch Easter water

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Happy Easter

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Happy Sunday!