Fashion categorization 2: About checked shirts, plaid blouses and other stumbling blocks

September 17, 2015

The second blog article about fashion categorization deals with possible stumbling blocks that you might encounter while working on the tasks.

Stumbling block 1: Women’s and men’s categories

In some cases it seems obvious what is meant. For example: The item is a checked top with long sleeves and a button-down front: It has to be a checked shirt!

When you go through the category tree you will notice that there is a difference between Shirts (for men) and Blouses (for women). Therefore be sure to check whether it is a women’s or a men’s item. Checked shirts and lumberjack shirts are men’s items; plaid blouses are for women only.


Stumbling block 2: Strap forms in tops

In women’s tops it is essential to pay attention to the form of the strap because tops with narrow straps are not always spaghetti tops.

Tank top: Tank tops have wider straps than spaghetti tops, but the shoulders are still visible.

Halter neck top: The top has (narrow) straps that are tied together at the neck or are linked with a neck ornament.

Special case HALTER dresses: The categorization for dresses is not quite so strict. In this case it makes no difference whether the dress has spaghetti straps or somewhat wider straps – both forms belong in the Halter dress category. However please note that there is a further category for dresses that have their straps in halter neck form.


Stumbling block 3: Length

From the width of the straps to the length of the garment…

A long top / long sweater belongs in the respective category only if it is longer length and covers the wearer’s hips and buttocks. Tops that are shorter do not belong in these categories.


Do you have any further tips or questions on the subject? We look forward to your comments.

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Maria Catherine Dobles 17.09.2015, 11:33:28 Uhr


I’m sorry, I just want to ask what I need to do to qualify for this job (Fashion categorization )? Or do I just wait for it to appear on my “all Jobs” tab?

Thank you!


Lara 17.09.2015, 21:31:47 Uhr


Geez.. I just got blocked from doing a categorization job because of the difference in men and women’s. I wish there was a requirement to read this article before following through with the process because I really wasn’t spamming but trying to get a hang of things.

Christine Janecka 18.09.2015, 15:41:42 Uhr



Irma Gorton 21.09.2015, 12:25:02 Uhr



I have been blocked for this task recently. Is there a way of practising and then re-applying for this task, please?

Best wishes

sarh 22.09.2015, 03:42:54 Uhr


I agree lara , I was actually very excited since I have worker many retail jobs in clothing stores I had thought it would have been perfect but I too was kicked. first time on this site I feel as tho they shoud give a few training courses before hand then people will have a general idea of what is expected!

Andrea Nangia 22.09.2015, 19:42:23 Uhr


Die Modekategorisierung habe ich auch manchmal.Aber 200 Stck auf dem Bildschirm und 200 ImLaden,ist ein großer Unterschied.

Lindsay Matthews 23.09.2015, 19:51:12 Uhr


I was blocked from this site as well, and was enjoying it thoroughly! I wish they would explain what you did wrong and give you a second chance. In addition, some of these articles would have been helpful at the time! Thanks.

Gabi Fischnaller 24.09.2015, 09:42:29 Uhr


Wie bekommt man Aufträge für die Modekatalogisierung ? Habe erst einmal einen erhalten und dann nicht wieder. Hab ich alles falsch gemacht :-)

Anastasia 24.09.2015, 11:49:02 Uhr


Ich habe da mal eine Frage: Wieso ist eine Kapuzenjacke in der Kategorie Pullover richtig, und in der Kategorie Jacken – Kapuzenjacken falsch? Für mich ist dies eindeutig dort einzuordnen. Ich würde auch immer so danach suchen.

Angelina 24.09.2015, 11:56:36 Uhr


@Anastasia: Um dir zu der Frage eine Auskunft geben zu können, benötigen wir eine Workitem-Nummer des betreffenden Auftrags. Am besten dazu eine kurze Mail an senden.

@Gabi Fischnaller: Es ist möglich, dass du von der Qualitätssicherung ausgeschlossen wurdest. In der Regel erfolgt dies allerdings nicht nach nur einem eingereichten Job. Genauere Infos dazu gibt es beim Support.

Clickworker Support & Community Management

Debi 25.09.2015, 11:36:51 Uhr


I passed the training task but then was blocked from the real categorisation after placing a blouse in the long sleeved and then the tunic categories.

I am not sure what was wrong with my categorisation as the outline picture of the tunic looked the same as the picture of the blouse.

I wasn’t given feedback and would love to be able to do this job again!

Jadranka Vucinic 25.09.2015, 20:13:33 Uhr


It is difficult to classify shoes as wedges, marry jane, court shoes, stilettoes etc.

Jen 25.09.2015, 22:14:36 Uhr


replies from CW in English would be great too. I dont speak German

Elisabeth 29.09.2015, 07:46:55 Uhr


Wie qualifiziert man sich für solche Katalogisierungsaufgaben? :)

angelina 29.09.2015, 10:03:52 Uhr


@Maria Catherine: The qualificaton for this project is on the job. You may find the task in your job list.

@Elisabeth: Die Qualifizierung für das Projekt erfolgt direkt im Auftrag über Testaufgaben.

Support & Community Management

Aimee 29.09.2015, 21:41:44 Uhr


This was my first job. I was refused for quality reasons after the second object. I made a mistake with men shoes. I tought they were ‘formal’ but apparently that wasn’t the case. too bad.
I hope for a new job soon. Kind regards, Aimee

Chandra 30.09.2015, 18:23:12 Uhr



Much like others–I was trying to get the hang of categorizing the different types of clothing (as well as trying out this site for the first time), and I was refused.
However, on the page it said that I was training (…or something akin to that)–so, I was under the assumption that I was able to make mistakes/or was learning how to do the task.

Is there a way to try again?
…I guess what I mean is, I’m totally capable of doing a task like this, and I’d really like to be able to try again; is that a possibility?


Lindsay Matthews 30.09.2015, 19:04:02 Uhr


I was able to take on these tasks again but unfortunately, my Google Translator was not working. I completed the tasks as best as I could and am now trying to find a solution to the Google Translator. It only happens when I’m using Explorer. I’m wondering if any one else is having an issue? Thanks.

Daniel Marz 01.10.2015, 08:36:08 Uhr


Hi Jen, if you contact support in English, we will answer in the same way.

Daniel Marz 01.10.2015, 08:40:03 Uhr


Hallo Elisabeth, es gibt keine gesonderte Qualifizierung dafür, diese erfolgt direkt im Projekt. Momentan sollte eigentlich jeder Clickworker das Projekt sehen können, sofern man nicht bereits früher einmal daran gearbeitet hat und wegen Qualitätsgründen ausgeschlossen wurde.

Ginger Bachmann 01.10.2015, 21:46:19 Uhr


I see so many questions, but no answers. Where is the training and where is the reasoning?

I open up my job list to see there over 10,000 Fashion categorization jobs. I did a regular keyword as I always do, I go back in to read instructions and they are all gone. Many of the jobs show 1000,s available then they just disappear. Where do you apply for qualifications?

Also, in regards to this Fashion categorization , it states, “Checked shirts and lumberjack shirts are men’s items; plaid blouses are for women only.” I understand the request but it really makes no sense, Many men wear plaid flannel, I myself am a women and hove a few Buffalo check blouses. Maybe the requester would like to rethink that.

If the instructions and qualifications were in one place it would surely help explain why there are 1000’s of jobs that we can not get to.

Daniel Marz 21.10.2015, 08:28:00 Uhr


@Ginger Bachmann

If you do the fashion categorization project for the very first time, you start with 5 training questions, which tell you if you did them correctly and if not, what would have been the correct answer. Those 5 questions do not impact your project score. After those, you get a number of test questions, which are to check if you understood the working instructions and the feedback from the initial training questions. If you do enough of them correctly, you get access to the actual tasks. During the actual work, test questions are put in randomly. As long as you answer a proper percentage of those test questions correctly, you have access to the project. Otherwise, you are blocked, getting the “quality” message.

brenda 28.10.2015, 16:25:54 Uhr


I want to know why I can’t take theuhr assessement an I was blocked forefashion qulafication assignment please help in not umderstandingthisjob