Fashion categorization 3: A pair of glasses, is a pair of glasses, is a pair of glasses…

October 7, 2015

Welcome to the third part of our series of blog articles about fashion categorization.

Today we will take a look at items that should not be categorized. As a rule you can only sort items in the tree category if there is a suitable category available.

There is for example no space for books, DVDs, etc.

Does that mean that items cannot be categorized if they are not obviously fashion items? NO, because there are categories for different kinds of suitcases or beach towels.

We have compiled a list of special cases here:

1.) Standard glasses to correct eyesight must not be categorized. This also applies when the glasses have a shape that clearly belongs in the sunglasses category (for example pilot glasses).


2.) Functional gear that is worn for sports must not be categorized either. In this case we are referring to clothing that can only be worn for sports activities, for example ski boots, padded cycling trousers or similar.
PLEASE NOTE: Always check whether alleged sports gear (jogging trousers, basketball shorts) are meant to be worn as hip, trendy street style clothing….


3.) Children’s clothing – fashion that is solely for children, must not be categorized. This also applies to clothing that is offered in large children’s sizes and can therefore also be worn by teenagers.

How can you differ between children’s and adult clothing?

  • The keywords “Boys”, “Girls”, and “Teens” in the short description of the item provide a good indication.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the sizes. The following size chart is not complete but it will give you an idea of the differences:
Women Men Boys Girls
Clothes 34-44 44-56 50-176 50-176
Shoes 36-41 39-48 16-36 16-39

4.) Special sizes – The fashion that is categorized in this project should address the general public (sizes XS-XL). Therefore fashion that is limited to special sizes should not be categorized. This applies to large sizes as well as petite sizes such as XXS, or maternity wear.

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Sara 07.10.2015, 18:13:37 Uhr


Not okay. I went through the entire training including all links that were actually working. Have extensive knowledge of the U.S. fashion market and therefore also recognized several of the items I had to categorize. I know I did not make any mistakes in my categorization, yet I got shut out due to issues with the “quality” of my categorization. You should provide the opportunity to see what the alleged mistakes were that one made. Not cool.

Daniel Marz 21.10.2015, 08:21:00 Uhr


@Sara If you feel incorrectly judged, please drop us an email to, including your user name and the Workitem# of the task in question. We can check if the evaluation was wrong and (if so) reactivate that project for you.

Gina Kahai 17.11.2015, 11:36:52 Uhr


I also tried to do this job, remembering all the rules, (i.e. The background had to be neutral color, not supposed to b able to see where the wall meets the carpet, shots must have a real model, except for shoes, which could be mannequin or plastic as long as not too much of the fake foot was showing,, no brand names showing in the shot/on the product and the product link must work and go to the product description page.) Keeping all of that in mind I passed the 5 quiz questions and was on my way doing the first few, then I got kicked off the project. They didn’t even tell me what I did wrong. Will this effect how many other jobs are going to be available to me? One of the items had part of the name brand on it. I wasn’t sure whether that was supposed to be categorized or not. Wish there was more clarity in the rules and a place where we could ask for verification. Would like to have done more or at least have been told what I did wrong.

Wolfberry67 24.11.2015, 17:31:17 Uhr


Habe heute einen Test gehabt, wurde ausgeschlossen, möchte wissen was falsch war. Es war eine Herren Boxer Brief oder so. Also Kleidung, Unterwäsche, Boxer Brief. So was war falsch?

Daniel Marz 25.11.2015, 15:17:20 Uhr


@Wolfberry67 Das lässt sich leider nicht sagen, ohne vorher den Auftrag selbst zu prüfen. Dazu müssten Sie uns die Workitem# des Auftrags an zusenden.