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Controlling your smartphone without touching it is now possible using your voice. Sentences like, “Hey, Siri, what’s today’s weather going to be?” or “Ok, Google, navigate to my house” are common requests that your smartphone can easily process thanks to speech recognition. Today we’ll explain how you can not only easily earn money with audio recording jobs, but also make a large contribution to the development of speech tools.

The Smart Application of Speech Recordings

Train artificial intelligence through audio recording jobs

The usage of voice recognition already goes well beyond smartphones. So-called home assistants like Alexa turn your house into a smart home, for example by controlling your multimedia system via voice command. In addition, speech tools have also been successfully deployed in the medical field. Through voice recording, which is automatically transcribed as text, nursing staff can devote their time to patient care while simultaneously recording their health condition. The possible applications are therefore numerous, but the full potential is still a long way from being exhausted.

Your Voice as a Valuable Training Partner

To be able to react to your voice and carry out the correct instructions, these various devices must first be trained. This happens with the help of artificial intelligence. For a speech recognition tool your voice is a collection of data. Language, emphasis, even the voice’s register at different times of day deliver information which allows an artificial intelligence to learn. Though silence is golden, in this case your voice has “cash value” and should absolutely be heard. Many companies that work on the development of language tools require training data in the form of audio recordings. The larger the training data pool is, the greater the tool’s learning success, similar to the learning process in humans. This is where the term “artificial intelligence” originated.

Popular Audio Recording Jobs in the clickworker Workplace

Easily earn money with voice recording jobs

Audio recording jobs are regularly published on your workplace or they can be found on the clickworker app. Participation in this type of project is an especially simple procedure on our platform. In principal the only requirements are a quiet environment and a couple minutes of time. Then depending on the job, one or more example sentences will be provided which you must read out loud. As a rule, these are very short and concise, like for example, “My voice is my password!”. According to the job instructions this sentence is to be read aloud clearly and distinctly. And in just a few moments you have completed the job and can watch your clickworker account balance grow step by step. As already mentioned, the quantity of training data plays an unbelievably important role in the development process. So, you can profit from the fact that many of these jobs can be performed more than once, and payment is issued for each completed job.
Much of the voice recording work can be found on our app. Thanks to the microphone in your smartphone, no external equipment is required, which makes participating even easier. It also allows you to be flexible and work on jobs from any location you desire. If you’re not yet familiar with our app, you can download it from the Apple App Store (iOS) or from the Google Play store (Android). It’s therefore definitely worth keeping an eye out for jobs on both the desktop as well as the mobile version.

Voice recording is one of the most popular job types on our platform. No wonder, the execution is simple and can be accomplished quickly. They represent an ideal opportunity to augment your bank balance and at the same time make an important contribution to the further development of language tools.

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