I packed my suitcase … The key to writing travel texts

April 30, 2015

Are you relaxing on the couch and dreaming of a hammock with a view over a turquoise blue sea? As a Clickworker you can put these daydreams to use because travel descriptions crop up at regular intervals. The variety of projects is large and can range from a text about an airport in Turkey, information about car rentals in a popular city to insider tips for a weekend trip. A travel text must contain essential information, rouse the reader’s emotions and, at the very best, convince him of the travel destination or confirm the reader’s choice.


What information belongs in a travel text?

There are many things one would like to know before starting a journey. We have collected a few aspects that might be of interest for vacation texts:

  • Getting there: Where is the nearest airport, and what transportation options are available to reach the travel destination (car or public transportation)? What kind of transfer is available from the airport to the hotel?
  • Cultural offers: Does the destination have any interesting museums, theaters and movie theaters?
  • Hotels: Information about the types/price ranges of the local hotels, for example first-class hotels, family hotels or hostels.
  • Activities: Sports facilities, interesting hikes, trips near the city?
  • Food: What kind of gastronomical selection does the travel destination offer? Can you offer some good tips?
  • Transportation: What (public) transportation options can be used to reach the hot spots of the city?
  • History/Culture of the country: Events, sights such as castles or monuments
  • Travel advice: What do you have to keep in mind in the destination country? Are there any special precautions or behavior that are important?
  • It is of course very useful if you have already travelled to the destination and can share personal experiences. Otherwise, you will have to do thorough research.

    What else needs to be taken into account?

    In the fashion texts we explained that it is important to write the texts for their target audience. If you are writing about a trip aimed at young people then you will use “young” language and refer to good entertainment and nightlife. On the other hand, if the travel text is aimed at families, the focus will be on a varied selection of activities for children.

    Use clear language with plenty of adjectives. This gives the reader the opportunity to get an idea of the destination he intends to visit. However, do not exaggerate; the text would lose its credibility. Furthermore, comparisons with other companies, for example in the case of car rentals, are usually not desired. Information about whether the reader is directly addressed and from which perspective the travel text is written is generally provided in the work instructions.

    Sample text

    San Francisco – the colorful city on the Pacific

    San Francisco is in the state of California on the West Coast of the United States. Its “manageable” size makes it easy to orientate oneself. Its steep streets, Victorian houses and the historic cable cars give the “City by the Bay” an European flair.

    San Francisco offers a number of tourist attractions. These include the lively Fisherman’s Wharf, the former penitentiary island, Alcatraz, and the charming fisherman’s village, Sausalito, north of the city. It is worth walking or cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito; with a bit of luck you can spot dolphins and sealions from the bridge.

    The Mission District offers numerous restaurants, bars and clubs as well as a busy nightlife. And for those of you who enjoy shopping, you will find plenty of stores on Haight Street and Union Square. San Francisco’s gastronomical range is impressive. Owing to Mexican immigration, you can get good, inexpensive food in the Mexican bistros. However, you will also find excellent restaurants that serve hamburgers, steaks or seafood. For tourists who are interested in wines, tours to the world-famous winegrowing areas in Napa or Sonoma Valley are a must. Water sports enthusiasts, such as surfers or kite surfers, will thoroughly enjoy what the Bay has to offer.

    Golden Gate Bridge

    Attractive hotels and inexpensive hostels in San Francisco

    If you want to stay in an elegant hotel, the “Charlotte Hotel” is a perfect choice. The historical house, built in 1921, was modernized in 2014. Its central location, its luxurious rooms and an exquisite breakfast buffet with homemade pastry are unique. In addition, it offers a wellness area that includes a swimming pool, a sauna and a whirlpool. The cuisine of the elegant hotel restaurant has won numerous awards for exceptional quality.

    Travelers on a smaller budget can stay at the California Hostel, located only three blocks away from Union Square. The hostel has 5 double rooms and 10 multiple-bed rooms with 4 to 8 beds. The rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, towels and WiFi. The breakfast that is free of charge consists of coffee, fruit and pancakes.

    How to get there

    A direct flight from Frankfurt (Main) to San Francisco, for example with United Airlines or Lufthansa, takes about 11 hours. Delta Airlines or British Airways fly to the destination with a stop in e.g. New York City or Atlanta. San Francisco International Airport (SFO), is approximately 20 kilometers from the center of the city. A taxi to town costs approximately $45. Shuttle busses are much cheaper: only $15.

    Certainly this applies here, too: The client’s requirements and demands will determine what the travel text looks like in the end!

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    Amelie Daas

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    Konstanze Junghanns 02.05.2015, 01:07:28 Uhr


    Gerne würde ich meine Reiseerfahrungen kreativ nutzen und diese in Reiseberichte einbringen. Über Reiseziele zu recherchieren ist ebenso ein interessantes Thema für mich. In den vergangenen Jahren bin ich sehr viel gereist und habe viel Städte, Landschaften und Kulturen kennengelernt. Schwerpunkt dieser Reisen waren meist europäische Städte. Diese Erfahrungen würde ich gern weitergeben und freue mich auf Ihre Anfragen bzw. Aufträge.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Konstanze Junghanns

    TIAGO CARNEIRO 03.05.2015, 16:36:07 Uhr


    I am in Manchester and I can definitely write about my journey and all I had to go through and learned so that I can inform people that are planing on traveling

    Stephanie Knorr 06.05.2015, 12:29:15 Uhr


    Guten Tag,

    ich würde meine Reiseerfahrung gerne nutzen und in Reiseberichten einbringen. Ich war in den letzten Jahren in Europa und Asien unterwegs. Schwerpunkt dieser Reisen waren Städte, Landschaften und Kultur.

    Über Reiseziele zu recherchieren ist ein interessantes Thema für mich.

    Diese Erfahrungen würde ich sehr gern weitergeben und freue mich auf Ihre Aufträge.

    Mit freundlichem Gruß

    Stephanie Knorr

    Amelie 06.05.2015, 15:06:56 Uhr


    Hallo, falls Sie sich noch nicht als Clickworker registriert haben, können Sie das gerne hier tun und die Autorenqualifizierung machen. Aufträge zum Thema Reise gibt es auf clickworker immer wieder; wir können jedoch keine Garantie dafür geben.

    Esther Brandstetter 10.05.2015, 22:17:19 Uhr


    Hallo! Ich war 3 Monate in Neuseeland und 1 Monat in Thailand auf Reisen und würde mich sehr freuen diese Erfahrungen auf deutsch oder englisch teilen zu dürfen.
    In Europa war ich schon viermal in Barcelona und zweimal in London.

    Liebe Grüße

    Dorothee 12.05.2015, 21:50:18 Uhr


    Hi there,

    I could provide some for Canada, Greece, France in English…
    Let me know.


    Eva McCHesney 23.05.2015, 19:22:50 Uhr


    I can provide info for DE, Philly, NYC, DC, Baltimore, and Atlantic City and parts of VA as I am only 2 hrs from each and I have traveled to all of them several times and will again. I travel all the time, from local attractions to international ones.

    Marina 24.05.2015, 10:31:06 Uhr


    I am resident in France, of British nationality so i could do some for the UK and France and also Italy.

    Elaine Jane 27.05.2015, 11:57:55 Uhr


    Professionally, writing took me to great heights when I took the position as Editor for Hotel & Travel, a travel & leisure magazine for Thailand and SE Asia. From there, I have expanded my travel portfolio to many countries and over a hundred cities, featuring some of the most beautiful hotels and resorts, and sought-after travel destinations in Asia.
    Galle, in Southern Sri Lanka remains to be my dream place while my richest cultural experience is India. Osaka & Tokyo have given me the pleasure of enjoying something traditional in a technological setting.
    I now live in Europe, in the 15th-century quaint city of Delft in The Netherlands. One of my pastime is reviewing destinations, hotels, restaurants in TripAdvisor.

    Elaine Jane 27.05.2015, 12:04:04 Uhr


    I would love to write for you! My travel portfolio expands to many countries and over a hundred cities, featuring some of the most Beautiful Hotels & Resorts and sought-after travel destinations in Asia.

    London and Amsterdam are my favourites.

    Bjorn 27.05.2015, 13:01:17 Uhr



    I could definitely share some of my (regularly unusual) travel experiences and adventures. It will cenrtainly be interesting and convincing for young people.

    Please let me know what can be earned with it and when I could start.



    Amelie 27.05.2015, 13:52:36 Uhr


    Dear Clickworkers who are offering to write travel texts:

    The availability, number and type of travel texts highly depends on the different projects and your qualificiations. Please check your clickworker workplace regularly in order to find out if there are any projects dealing with travel subjects available for you.

    Sherry 26.06.2015, 14:41:34 Uhr


    Flight Attendant US based for 7 years. Been around the world a few times and currently travel weekly. I’d love to share my journey!

    Diana K 28.06.2015, 01:58:20 Uhr


    I could provide travel text about the beautiful Lincoln City, Oregon

    Clément Monhonval 01.07.2015, 14:29:44 Uhr


    I’ll go to New-Zealand in October for a one-year “Working-Holiday” experience, travelling throughout the country. If this travel-type suits the writing of travel text, I would gladly do it. (in French or English)

    Sammy 03.07.2015, 11:37:35 Uhr


    I am currently in Kenya-Africa making some wild trips in national parks and reserves and i must admit it is awesome.The experience i abhor may be of great use in writing.


    Deborah Clark 07.07.2015, 23:17:20 Uhr


    I am from the Uk and I am currently living in kk, Borneo Malaysia. I am soon to travel to kl, west Malaysia before heading to live in Kathmandu. I have also lived in china so am happy to provide I information about any if these places.

    Tamara Henschel 27.07.2015, 03:26:49 Uhr


    I could write travel texts about Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, France. I have written things like this many times with great success.

    Bradley Suber 27.07.2015, 23:14:39 Uhr


    I would love write for you. I can detail my travels to Haulover Beach

    Elainep 06.08.2015, 02:31:23 Uhr


    I have lived in Delaware my entire life. Delaware is the First State and has many beautiful, interesting and historical sites. I can write about many of the sites and would love to describe them for anyone who is interested.

    Len 07.08.2015, 19:08:55 Uhr


    I could provide travel texts about different south American countries like Peru, Chili, Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil I’ve made various trips to these countries.

    Timothy 08.08.2015, 00:36:00 Uhr


    Good day,

    I recently traveled to Tokyo, Japan alone for the first time. I would love to share everything I now know that this great city had to offer! I also traveled to Bien Hoa, Vietnam, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, both very interesting locations worthy of sharing as well! I am a talented writer and I would be honored to write a travel text about these spectacular locations. Thank you for your time,

    Timothy H.

    Horane 12.08.2015, 14:55:22 Uhr


    I’m an award-winning author and some of the books are travel-themed. I can provide travel text about Toronto, Ottawa and some Caribbean countries.

    Dotti Lantis 17.08.2015, 19:21:21 Uhr


    I have lived extensively in the South West (i.e. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado) and Colorado. While living in these states I resided on three Apache reservations: Jicarilla, Mescalero, and White Mountain. I have been exposed to many cultures, flavors, and people. Not only do the major cities have much to offer, but, too, the smaller communities. Agricultural, rural, arts, traditions, religions, are but a few topics of interest in these areas. Albuquerque alone, has the International Balloon Festival, the Burning of the ZoZobra, and many more well attended events. Our local is very often the scene of major movies, in particular, but not limited to, westerns. Our arts include such categories as silver jewelry making; Kachina doll painting, rug/blanket/basket weaving etc. I’d be thrilled to share the colors of the South West with you; as though you were here! que tengas un buen día: have a good day ya all!

    Tamara 19.08.2015, 14:44:31 Uhr


    Hallo. War im Jähr 2014 viel in Griechenland, London und Spanien unterwegs. Reisen ist eins meiner leidenschaftlichen Hobbys. Würde mich freuen von Ihnen einige Aufträge zu erhalten. Lg Tamara

    Vijay Kumar 25.08.2015, 11:33:05 Uhr


    I could provide about all the major travel destinations in India.