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February 8, 2013

Every Clickworker has probably had a similar experience: you take the qualification tests and eagerly wait for the first jobs. But you sometimes miss jobs because you don't always have your start page open. However, there are ways of seeing the jobs more quickly and also more securely as soon as they are put online.
Another common situation can arise when you work weekends or late at night, the support is not staffed, and you have a problem. Is there any way of getting some help? We have expanded our social media offers at This means that questions and problems can be answered more quickly and that Clickworkers have quicker access to information. Find out what information we are providing on the respective platforms here.

crowdsourcing jobs Facebook is by far the most popular and well-known platform. With the fan page and the community we have succeeded in spreading blogs and answering questions more quickly. The platform has also helped Clickworkers cooperate and give each other mutual support.


clickworker forum Our Forum”Clickworker-Lounge” might be young, but it's a real teen star! Numerous Clickworkers stop by the forum every day and provide each other and newcomers with support if they have problems or questions that need to be answered. There's a thread for nearly all questions and languages. And they are also actively involved in the forum games.

clickworker twitter Many people are not accustomed to Twitter yet. Yet it is the best way to post purely informative short messages. That’s how we use it too: for short, direct and quick information about new jobs. You will find information about German-language jobs at clickworker_de, and about other language jobs at clickworker_com. Another practical item is the use of so-called hashtags, relevant keywords that lead you directly to the information you desire. The jobs are therefore marked with the hashtag “#cwjobs” and additionally with “#cwjobs-language abbreviation” for every language, for example “#cwjobsEN” for English or “#cwjobsFI” for Finnish etc.

As you can see, whatever your preferences there is a suitable platform for everyone. And if you can't decide, we'll be glad to greet on all of them! Try it right now and follow the links to visit us!

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Angelina Conic

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Vinnie Allen 14.02.2013, 20:41:03 Uhr



I am interested in working for Facebook as a clickworker.


Vinnie Allen

Jana Rademacher 19.02.2013, 15:18:58 Uhr


Dear Vinnie,
I am afraid you misunderstood. If you are part of the Clickworker community you can use our Facebook page to stay in the loop and get updates about available jobs. But these jobs are on the Clickworker platform, not on Facebook. If you would like to work for Facebook you need to apply to them.

laitha 19.02.2013, 18:56:42 Uhr


theres no job here, its about 2 weeks and nothing new is here… whats the matter???

Nadine Hampel 21.02.2013, 10:28:07 Uhr


As we can of course not force our clients to need texts in certain languages, it can happen from time to time that you see no jobs available, which fit to your qualifications. To take a closer look and solve your problem, you can send us an Email to help(at) with your username.

isioma 27.02.2013, 01:25:18 Uhr


since i registered with click worker i only have one job and no more why?

Nadine Hampel 28.02.2013, 11:33:00 Uhr


Did you do all the assessments available for you? To track the problem down easier, please write and email to help(at), including your username.

Judy 04.03.2013, 21:54:41 Uhr


Why does it say “start judging” and then when you click to “judge”, it says “nothing to judge”?

Nadine Hampel 07.03.2013, 13:11:40 Uhr


As you are referring to UHRS, please write an email to help(at), including your username and the exact problem.

Oluwakemi 25.03.2013, 21:02:36 Uhr


I have just registered as a clickworker but there is no job available since i joined. Why

Nadine Hampel 26.03.2013, 09:46:01 Uhr


Did you do the assessments? In some languages, there are less jobs than in others. Do as much assessments as possible and check the site or our social media accounts for new jobs. There are always new ones coming online.

Nicholas 30.03.2013, 16:15:50 Uhr


I have just joined clickworker and would like the moon on a stick. Why is there no moon on a stick?

Daniel Marz 30.03.2013, 17:13:54 Uhr


Unfortunately, we sold our very last moon on a stick yesterday. We try to get some more as soon as possible but as you know. they are pretty rare so it might take a while.

While you are waiting why don’t you take your first assessment? This is the first step to get jobs on

mavelin 08.04.2013, 21:15:50 Uhr


hi.i have done all the assessments but i have not received
any jobs yet.and by looking at most of these repels, it looks like most of the people don’t receive any work/jobs.

stella 23.06.2013, 16:34:10 Uhr



I’ve done all the assessments and clickworker offered me 2 web research jobs but when I go toy My Marketplace don’t show any.

Is there any problem?

Daniel Marz 24.06.2013, 11:12:40 Uhr


After qualifying for UHRS, the link to this platform is always visible on your dashboard. Unfortunately, our own system does not “know” if there are HitApps running for a particular country. You can only check this by logging in to UHRS.

The number of available HitApps and Hits differs between countries and also on a daily basis. Some have much more to do than others.

sam 20.08.2013, 11:00:28 Uhr


Same problem here. No jobs showing. I’ve taken 1 assessment and the only job available. What do I do? Are there other assessments to take or something?