Social Seating Above the Clouds

February 15, 2012

The fact that Social Media is playing an increasingly important part in advertising is not a secret anymore. The Dutch KLM airlines are now planning something unusual with their community. As reported in the weekly journal “Die Zeit” , KLM wants to offer a so-called “social seating service” as of 2012.

How social networks lead to encounters in the air

social seating KLM has launched a new service called “meet and seat” that enables passengers to sit next to people with similar interests during their flight. The areas of interest are filtered through personal profiles in social networks. Passengers can share their Facebook or LinkedIn profile during their online booking. A special software then filters matching seat neighbors for the upcoming flight.

Know what to expect in advance

Meet kindred spirits above the clouds, talks about hobbies, profession or other interests; this is what the outcome of this new service could be. Up until now, airlines never revealed detailed information about whether a passenger knew who they would sitting next to or whether certain persons could even be ruled out before boarding the flight. We will soon find out how many social media fans will actually push the “Like” button and release their profile for social seating.

The development of a dating tool is also conceivable. When for example the relationship status plays a part in the software filter. So far, target groups are primarily business travelers who want to establish useful connections also when they are airborne.

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