About socks, relationships in crisis and help from the crowd

July 6, 2012
help from the crowd

A woman, let’s call her Lisa, buys socks for her husband. The socks are good brand name quality, warm and comfy. Her husband, let’s call him Kai, is pleased with the gift. But Lisa often has cold feet and soon starts to wear the socks herself. Kai is not pleased. The heels of the socks are soon thin and whenever he wants to wear them, they are either in the laundry or his wife has them on. They get into a fight – and let the crowd decide who is right.

What sounds like the script of an early evening soap is reality on the Internet. Couples talk about their relationship problems on the couplesspark platform. Using their anonymous identities, “Mate 1 ” and “Mate 2”, they respectively describe what their problem is. According to their source, the problems are divided into categories for example “money”, “pets” or “stepmother”. Hobby therapists and other Internet users vote which of the squabblers they agree with and can also post helpful comments. “Buy your own socks Mate 1” is the advice Lisa received.

Recognizing whether a post is serious or tongue in cheek is sometimes difficult at first glance, but it seems that some people are really looking for support from strangers. A woman complains,” My husband is as cold as ice.” “She doesn’t give me any real support when I’m down”, says another user. The range of topics includes jealousy, unfaithfulness and communication problems.

Registered users can comment on the stories. Particularly active advisers become “Top Ref’s” and can acquire virtual awards.

A large, virtual self-help group in the anonymity of the Internet. Great if it actually helps some couples. Some posts make you chuckle. But I would really like to know what became of Lisa and Kai’s sock problem.

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Rick 13.07.2012, 22:14:11 Uhr


I think this is a very good idea. Some couples just need a second opinion about argument. I support this!

Ernesto Manzanilla 14.07.2012, 05:14:35 Uhr


To me the reason that Lisa is wearing the socks is justified since her feet are colder than kai´s , On the other hand it seems to me that they can always talk about it and get to a conclusion such as buying another pair of socks. By no mean this event could cause any mayor problem.

Karin 17.07.2012, 15:06:10 Uhr


I think if Lisa’s partner has a kind of ‘oddity’ about some things, like socks in this case; if this complicates the whole relationship, the best thing to do is not to bother this person with this issue. There are certain things we have to assume, or in other words, accept, so she should let it go, and buy her own socks!

Frank 21.07.2012, 09:44:13 Uhr


I think Lisa really has noticed about the comfortable of the socks and she is too lazy to buy another pair, she just had bought a pair of socks, why will she have to buy another??? this is what the girls think, they don’t understand the socks she is wearing were for Kay, I think tat what Kay has to do is to buy a couple of pairs of a new better and prettier socks and give it to Lisa as a present.

satish 22.07.2012, 21:41:21 Uhr


Both are right,even she buy it to her husband she is right to use it. Wife and husband have to fight each other and close to each other then only the relation will be maintained more strong on them.

guadalupe 10.08.2012, 19:27:21 Uhr


She should use only her own socks. It´s such a stupid issue it´s not worth arguing about.

mariamar 14.08.2012, 01:42:33 Uhr


Sobald etwas zum Problem wird, Distanz und eine Foto nehmen! Sind ein Paar Socken der Grund dieser grasslichen Gesichter? Jajaaja!!! Eine humorvolle Situation! Gehen wir doch mal zusammen einkaufen und bringen zwei neue Paar Socken nach Hause!

paula 25.08.2012, 01:16:48 Uhr


Me costó entender la traducción y por lo tanto llegar a una conclusión, pero creo que lo fundamental en una relación de pareja es la comunicación, aceptar las diferencias, respetarse, oírse, apoyarse, tratar de llegar a un acuerdo, pero nunca olvidar las diferencias inherentes respecto al sexo y educación.