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January 6, 2012

We would like to introduce one of our newest members to the Clickworker family. Andrew is a new support team member who recently graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BA in German language. He lived abroad in Freiburg, Germany for two years where he studied German and renewable energy implementation. At Clickworker, Andrew answers support questions from our San Francisco office, helping to make our clickworker support nearly 24 hours. Additionally, he is responsible for creating Clickworker Campaigns to engage the crowd and enhance the clickworker community. Take a look at his bio below and join us in welcoming him to the team!

Profile Andrew “Clickmeister” Glaser

Andrew Glaser Position: Junior Community Manager
Home Town: Tucson, AZ USA

Responsible for: Clickworker Support, Clickworker Campaigns, Community and Social Media Management, Translation, Blogging, Clicknews

What I like about my job: I get to speak German and help people make money all day! It’s fun to meet people through the Internet and facilitate intercultural communication for communal benefit on projects. For me, crowdsourcing evokes a higher intrinsic value to my job that didn’t exist before. I love being the Clickmeister!

What this place needs is: a chocolate Labrador to come cheer us up when it’s too foggy in San Francisco… or just some regular old chocolate will do the trick!

Outstanding personal characteristic: outgoing storyteller, awkward silence killer

After work it’s time for: funk music in the photo laboratory, beer in the park, playing drums, traveling

Favorite quote: “fishing for a good time starts with throwing in your line” – Tom Waits

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Daniel Marz

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11 Kommentare

Airi 13.01.2012, 10:35:00 Uhr


Hello Daniel,

always I want to sign in, it says that password is incorrect, I reset it then. Next time I will try again with the same password and the same story again. What is wrong with my signing in, isn`t it that an email address is a user name and then the password?

Thanks for help,


Angelina Conic 13.01.2012, 11:01:16 Uhr


Hi Airi,

It looks like you are using the wrong user name. Please send us an email at help-de@clickworer.com and we will send you your login name.
Support & Community Management

Markku Kuoppamäki 29.01.2012, 14:02:39 Uhr


there’s a typo in that email address. Shouldn’t it be help-de@clickworker.com ?

Angelina Conic 30.01.2012, 10:33:14 Uhr


Hi Markku,

You are right, of course! It should be help-de@clickworker.com .

Support & Community Management

Leonid 06.02.2012, 09:41:20 Uhr


Hello Daniel,

I just completed my first Analyze Maps and Roads Project – Skills Exercise and Assessment and I got 67%, but then through practice I reached to 92% but the score is not recorded yet in my completed assessments summary. What will happen now?

Best regards from Macedonia..

Daniel Marz 09.02.2012, 10:54:31 Uhr


Hi Leonid,

the score shown in the “completed assessment” summary is the score you got for the assessment, not the current score. It does not change. Your current scores can be seen when you have a look at the details of your last jobs or in your job list. In addition, we are working on an “current score” summary.

Rijksen 02.05.2012, 19:42:39 Uhr


Hello Daniel,

i completed the maps and roads assessment with a 100% score. There are no new jobs me available for me though. Is this because there are just no jobs at this moment or is it something else?


Daniel Marz 07.05.2012, 16:43:27 Uhr



“Analyze Maps and Roads” is an ongoing project, where the client uploads new jobs himself whenever he has something to work on. Therefore, there are only jobs when he does that. Otherwise, you won’t see this project, even with a sufficient enough score.

ruth 05.08.2012, 01:58:25 Uhr


I’m from guatemala and i want to know how to start to work after some test

Jana Rademacher 06.08.2012, 09:33:51 Uhr


Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your message.

First thing you should do is to fill your profile. Most of our projects are only available if the Clickworkers have demonstrated their abilities in an assessment or via profile information.

Kind regards,
Jana Rademacher

Support & Community Management

Antwan Curtis 25.09.2013, 02:44:10 Uhr


Hi! Daniel I fail a qualification test on the uhrs and I wanted to know do they ever get taken off my uhrs so that I can get more jobs.