Categorization of Video Clips

Case Study On-Demand video categorization ‘’

How clickworker indexed and tagged thousands of sports videos for

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Case Study On-Demand video categorization ‘’
Case Study On-Demand video categorization ‘’

The Challenge is an innovative Internet-based video service that cuts sports game films into individual plays, indexes each play and stores them in its database so that sports teams and individuals can share their sports highlights with their teams, friends and fans. turned to clickworker for help analyzing the thousands of American football video clips they received and categorizing them into individual plays.

The Solution

clickworker put their vast network of highly qualified workers to the task viewing video clips, establishing the time each play occurs on each clip and categorizing each play by a number of criteria, such as offense versus defense, over 10 yard runs, touchdowns, punt returns and interceptions. Additionally, clips meeting certain criteria were tagged with player numbers to identify and credit the key players involved. The job was done so effectively that clickworker was hired to provide customized solutions for additional sports, which have their own unique dynamics.

Case Study On-Demand video categorization ‘’

Project Data

  • Clickworker qualifications: must pass skills-learning and assessments in football knowledge and basic video editing
  • Video clips reviewed: 4,000
  • Plays analyzed: 6,500
  • Average delivery time: 200-300 plays/day
  • Data transfer: Data exchange via Amazon S3 Storage
Case Study On-Demand video categorization ‘’


  1. Client stipulates worker criteria and job scope
  2. Sports videos uploaded to clickworker servers
  3. Plays analyzed and categorized by specific criteria and attributes
  4. Editorial review process
  5. Unsatisfactory results returned to Clickworkers for further review
  6. Satisfactory results compiled and returned to Swink within 72 hours
Case Study On-Demand video categorization ‘’


  • Football expert knowledges
  • Quick categorization of video clips – even in large quantities
  • Scalable throughput, flexible workforce
  • API integration