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Case Study Competition Monitoring for Online Shops

clickworker supports online shops in monitoring their competition, and researches thousands of products on competing sites.

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Case Study Competition Monitoring for Online Shops
Case Study Competition Monitoring for Online Shops

The Challenge

The Internet is the distribution channel with the highest increases in sales. This speaks in favor of e-commerce, yet it also represents a challenge. Competition is increasing. To be able to hold one’s own on the market, one has to create a competitive edge. This involves intensive monitoring of the direct competitors, in particular with regard to their product and pricing policies. Who offers the same products? How are they being presented? What service is being offered? What are the price and delivery conditions?

But how can you compare the wide range of products you are offering with those being offered by the numerous competitors? In-house, this mammoth task can seldom be performed promptly and effectively.

The Solution

Our Clickworkers search for products in your competitor’s online shop.

Simply provide a few product-specific details as well as the domains and/or names of your competitors. Our Clickworkers will promptly provide information regarding the availability of the products in the respective competitor shops as well as direct links to the rival product pages. This gives you a quick overview of your competitive situation. In addition, the links give you the opportunity to take a closer look at and compare what your competitors are offering.

Case Study Competition Monitoring for Online Shops

Project Data

  • Clickworker qualifications: Faultless handling of fi ve test tasks, as well as proof of the native language
  • Products to be researched: 80,000 products (URLs)
  • Competition shops to be monitored: 20 shops (domains)
  • Quality assurance: Assessment per majority decision
  • Data transfer: Excel file per email
Case Study Competition Monitoring for Online Shops


  1. The customer determines the order specifications as well as the scope of the project. He then submits information about the products to be searched for, as well a list of the competitor shops.
  2. clickworker sets-up the project, including several test tasks to qualify the Clickworkers, and divides it into microjobs. These jobs are placed on the platform.
  3. Clickworkers who are qualified for the jobs process numerous jobs simultaneously. Each job is processed by two Clickworkers. Both search for a product in a competitor shop and deliver the search results in the form of the competitor’s product URL.
  4. The verified results are delivered to the customer at regular intervals.
Case Study Competition Monitoring for Online Shops


  • Prompt web research of any number of products in any number of competition shops
  • Reliable competition monitoring / web research in online shops of various languages by native speakers
  • Scalable workflow, flexible workforce
  • Quality assured results
  • No set-up fees, no monthly fixed costs
  • No minimum contract durations