Lead Web Research – Case Study Web Research of Leads ‘Axzo’

How clickworker helped Axzo to optimize its customer and prospect lists to improve sales conversion

The Challenge

Axzo develops and publishes business and technical training materials for instructor-led courses offered by community colleges, trade schools and continuing adult and employee education programs. In order to build their prospect list, they hired clickworker to research all the institutions and programs offering courses in their subject areas (such as Microsoft Offi ce and Quicken®) and provide up-to-date information about them.

The Solution

clickworker customized a three-step solution that included a generalized Internet lead search for training institutions, verification that they were offering classes in specific subject areas and that contact detail and institution information was current, and finally authentication of all course and content information. Axzo’s sales force was given the validated prospect list along with URLs for each individual course description. The result was a quantifiable lift in sales conversion.

Project Data

Clickworker qualifications: must pass assessment courses in Web research and data authentication

Number of institutions researched: More than 4,400

Data transfer: Results were provided in a .csv format via email

Work Flow

  1. Client stipulates worker criteria and job scope
  2. Clickworkers locate training institutions in generalized search and capture their URLs
  3. Clickworkers take URL, verify existence of course(s) in training areas and contact data
  4. Clickworkers identify URL associated with actual course description and confi rms course is still being taught
  5. Editorial review process
  6. Unsatisfactory results returned to Clickworkers for revisions
  7. Satisfactory results compiled and returned to Axzo


  • Quick lead web research of potential cllient data
  • Effectiv support for sales activities
  • Reliable results researched and checked by humans
  • Scalable throughput, flexible workforce
  • API integration