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Case Study Online Survey ‘University Potsdam’

Our Clickworkers solve tasks within a survey concerning a study on the attentional control of human beings

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Case Study Online Survey ‘University Potsdam’
Case Study Online Survey ‘University Potsdam’

The Challenge

The psychology department of the University of Potsdam wants to carry out a trial that examines how human beings control their attention in different environments. Participants of the trial will work on tasks within a survey and their solutions will be analyzed. The survey consists of three parts: the categorization of photos, solving anagrams and the selection of anagrams that will be presented to other participants. This is important in order to avoid the so-called “examiner effect”.

The implementation of the survey will need to be prompt and inexpensive. In addition, the amount of time needed to acquire and question the participants will need to be kept to a minimum.

The Solution

The university set up the online survey with an external survey tool and, via our self service marketplace, invites a large pool of target-group-specific Clickworkers to participate in the survey..

Numerous Clickworkers answer the questionnaire in a minimum of time. We make sure that every Clickworker can only complete the questionnaire once. The compulsory entry of a code at the end of the survey ensures that the participants must complete the survey to receive their payment.

Case Study Online Survey ‘University Potsdam’

Project Data

  • Number of participants: 145
  • Segmentation: 18 – 99 years of age, German, female and male
  • Duration of the survey: approx. 15 minutes
  • Max. runtime of the survey target: 2 weeks
  • Max. runtime of the survey actual: 1 day
  • Costs netto:Euro 406,- (Fee per survey participant + 40% service fee)
Case Study Online Survey ‘University Potsdam’


  1. The customer puts the survey online through an external survey provider or on their own website.
  2. After a quick registration at the marketplace, the customer attains to the order sheet “Surveys”. Here
    • he enters the title of the order and the description of the survey,
    • he defines the basic information regarding the target audience of the survey, for example, country, age and gender,
    • states an adequate participation fee
    • and enters a code with which the completion of every participation in the survey is confirmed.
    • The customer completes the procedure and enters the link to the survey according to the desired number of participants or uploads a list with the link as CSV file,
    • he finishes by topping-up his prepaid account and sends off the order.
  3. The new survey task is now visible on the Clickworker workplace for the Clickworkers who belong to the target audience. Many of these Clickworkers will accept the survey participation task and will carefully complete the survey.
  4. The customer will receive hundreds of completed online questionnaires within a very short amount of time, for marketing or trial study purposes.
Case Study Online Survey ‘University Potsdam’


  • Prompt acquisition of online survey participants
  • Selection option for the pool of participants according to demographic features
  • Use of external online survey tools
  • Exclusion of multiple participations (automated)
  • High response quota
  • Resource saving