Search Engine Optimized Text Creation

Case Study Search Engine Optimized Text Creation ‘’

clickworker created hundreds of search engine optimized profile texts for cities and regions as well as other directory categories.

The Challenge is one of Germany’s largest comprehensive online business directories and online marketplaces to place free classifieds. The platform invites discussion and socializing, just like a real marketplace. To ensure that marketplace users consistently have updated and useful information next to the classifieds, constantly needs new, valuable and unique content. Among other things, this content focuses on interesting information about cities and regions in Germany.

The Solution

Our qualified Clickworkers compose numerous new and interesting profile texts for various German cities and regions. The selection of cities and regions described is determined in a list by The writing style is based on a specific sample text. Each written profile text is checked by a second Clickworker with regards to spelling, grammar and content, and then is finally tested for plagiarism.

Project Data

Clickworker qualifications: successful completion of author training

Language: German

Number of words per text: 250 -350

Written profiles: 235

Data transfer: .xls files via e-mail

Work Flow

  1. The customer places their specific work order, which includes the selection of cities and regions, keywords, text length and text style.
  2. clickworker sets up the project and divides it into individual micro-tasks, for qualified Clickworkers to complete online.
  3. The Clickworkers create unique well-written profile texts in the desired style with about 250-350 words and the specified keywords.
  4. Each text is then examined by a second Clickworker with regards to spelling, grammar and task fulfillment.
  5. The texts run through a plagiarism test by the online service Copyscape, and automatically set to the correct text length and keyword density.
  6. Unsatisfactory results are given back to Clickworkers for revision.
  7. Accurate results are finally submitted to at agreed intervals.


  • Search engine optimizes text creation
  • Local knowledges
  • Quick text creation – even in large quantities
  • Scalable throughput, flexible workforce
  • Quality controlled results