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SEO text creation - Case Study IDG

Case Study SEO Text Creation ‘IDG’

How clickworker created content for a keyword-rich 800-page financial term dictionary

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SEO text creation - Case Study IDG

The Challenge

IDG Business Media GmbH, the German subsidiary of global publishing giant IDG, came to clickworker with the request to produce original, search engine optimized content for an 800-page fi nancial term dictionary for one of their media properties, CFO World.

The Solution

Clickworkers researched and generated a list of topics for the dictionary. IDG/CFO World approved a final list of 800 terms and Clickworkers wrote the definitions, reviewed each others work and ensured that it was unique and not copyrighted.

SEO text creation - Case Study IDG

Project Data

  • Clickworker qualifications: must speak and understand German and pass several assessment courses in writing and editing; extra control added to ensure all material was original and not copyrighted
  • Suggested topics: 1,000
  • Total definitions written: 800
  • Words per definion: approx. 250
  • Data transfer: Excel files via e-mail
SEO text creation - Case Study IDG


  1. Client stipulates worker criteria and job scope
  2. Clickworkers provide potential topics by category
  3. Client finalizes topic list
  4. Clickworkers create and submit 250 word definitions
  5. Editorial review process
  6. Unsatisfactory results returned to Clickworkers for revisions
  7. Satisfactory results compiled and returned to IDG
SEO text creation - Case Study IDG


  • SEO text creation of financial term definitions
  • Expert crowd / specialist knowledge
  • Quick seo text creation – even in large quantities
  • Scalable throughput, flexible workforce
  • Quality controlled results