Categorization & Tagging Service

In order to achieve a high conversion rate in eCommerce, two major challenges must be mastered: all store content must be easily findable via search engines and visitors must be offered an optimal experience. Tagging and categorizing all website content is essential for both goals.

Categorization & Tagging Service

Categorization & Tagging Service by clickworker

With the help of our crowd, we tag all your website content, such as products, images, texts, PDFs, audio and video files, with appropriate terms. In addition, we categorize your products and offers appropriately in the correct category of your store taxonomy, assign the correct properties to the products, such as color, and evaluate the results of your search function according to their relevance.

We also evaluate existing feedback from users about your store or offers and categorize them (via sentiment analysis), so that you can draw important conclusions for your store.

Categorization & tagging of website content

Categorization & tagging
of website content

Tagging and assignment of products, images, texts and videos

In eCommerce, product labeling must be consistent, up-to-date, and accurate to enable relevant product searches and thus a flawless customer experience.

We sort your offers into relevant categories, arrange your products into predefined upper and lower categories and tag all web content with appropriate specifications. This makes your store more attractive for users and for Google & Co. It becomes clearer, well sorted and the search and filter functions are optimized.

Product Categorization & Tagging

Product Categorization & Tagging

Assign your products to categories and tag them with keywords

Categorization & Tagging- Image & Video Tagging

Image & Video Tagging

Keywording of your files like images and videos

Categorizations & ratings
of features, content & feedback

Analysis of search results, videos and user opinions

For website operators, it is important that users find the desired information or products quickly and easily, and do not leave the site annoyed or frustrated. For this purpose, an optimal search function and searchable content are essential, which quickly lead users to the desired content or product pages.

We support you in optimizing your search engines as well as search functions and make your content searchable by keywords and tags. Our crowd evaluates the search results of your search engines and search functions according to their actual relevance and search intention. With these results, you can optimize the algorithms and perfect the search for your users.

In addition, digital content of your site, such as videos, can be sifted by our Crowd and content can be keyworded. This allows for quick analysis of videos as well as searchability by individual scenes and content.

Do you also want to know what users think about your company, your website and your offers? Then let us categorize and analyze your users’ comments and statements on social media according to the relevant statements.

Categorization & Tagging- Categorizations & ratings of features, content & feedback
Categorization & Tagging- Search Relevance

Search Relevance

Evaluation of search results according to their relevance

Categorization & Tagging- Video Analysis

Video Analysis

Rating or keywording of individual scenes

Categorization & Tagging- Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Categorization of consumer sentiments from online comments and reviews.

Categorization & Tagging - Benefits of our Categorization & Tagging Service

Benefits of our Categorization & Tagging Service

  • Improved findability of your offer via internal search functions and search engines
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Speed – Fast tagging and categorization of web content
  • Quickly evaluable data for sentiment analyses
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible Workforce
  • Quality assured results
  • API connection

Order Specifications

When requesting or commissioning the categorization and tagging service, we require the following basic information from you in order to advise you properly:

  • What kind of tagging or categorization do you need?
  • In which languages should the categorizations or tags be made?
  • How many data or data sets are to be processed or analyzed (order volume)?
  • How many categories or tags should each data be assigned to?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • In what form do you want the data delivered?
  • Is an API connection desired?

What our Customers say about us

We wanted to gather market sentiment and opinions about our newly launched vacuum cleaner as quickly as possible, to avert any possible dissatisfaction with the core product, as well as the extra services we offer. The Clickworkers did an outstanding job and evaluated all of our online feedback very quickly and according to our specifications. Thanks to the analysis data, we were able to act promptly and adapted our product with minor effort, to meet the needs of our customers.

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Case Studies

To illustrate our Product Categorization and Tagging solution in action, we have provided a practical case study for your review: