Crowdsourced voice recordings and their relevance for the development of speech recognition systems


Crowdsourced voice recordings

Crowdsourced voice recordings have evolved to play a critical role in the development of speech-controlled apps. As speech recognition rapidly grows from a novelty to a daily necessity, you can expect the demand for both voice recordings and voice-activated systems to rise concurrently.

According to Grand View Research, the demand for voice-activated systems and devices is expected to be worth approximately $32 billion by 2025. But what exactly are voice recordings used for? Why are crowdsourced voice recordings important?

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Donating instead of celebrating


This year has brought unimagined changes for all of us. Who would have expected last Christmas that this year we would be allowed to get closer to each other only to a very limited extent or not at all during Christmas days.

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Make Money from Home as a Hobby Photographer


The smartphone has become our faithful companion, because as an all-round talent many of its functions, like the camera, are indispensable for us. In this article we’ll reveal how you can not only capture nice memories with your smartphone camera, but also make money with it.

Smartphone Camera: The End of Other Cameras?

Smartphone and digital Camera

The smartphone camera is in many respects more practical than a regular camera. It is always handy, weighs less, is easier to use and often boasts better quality. Not only is the shooting of photos possible, but so is editing them at the same time or afterwards. Countless filters and augmented reality elements (the best examples are the dog filters on Snapchat and Instagram) make it possible to design creative images in mere seconds while also having lots of fun.

We gladly take advantage of some of these benefits in our photo projects.

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AppDate 2.0 – Latest news about the clickworker app


The clickworker app is our mobile workplace. The last status report is almost six months old, so it is high time for another AppDate. After all, there is a lot to report about the mobile Workplace – new languages, new features and new perspectives.

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Halloween Contest 2019 – Solve the BLACK STORIES Mysteries and Win!

29.10.2019 clickworker blog 336 Comments

Pause that horror movie, because for this years Halloween Contest we have prepared two mystery puzzles for you, which will teach you the meaning of fear. In this blog article we’ll post two short excerpts from horror stories. Ask your yes/no questions in the comments below to get some sleuthing help for each mystery. But you better hurry, because with each additional clue your clickworker colleagues get a little closer to solving the puzzle!

Halloween Contest

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