Interview: Life and thoughts of support Clickworker Dely


In last week’s article, we announced that you are going to get a glimpse into the life and the thoughts of other Clickworkers. Dely, who is a forum moderator and support Clickworker, has kindly agreed to give us an interview. Who knows, maybe you will even find similarities to your own experiences?


Dely, please tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Clickworker:

Support Clickworker Dely I became a Clickworker in 2011. When I divorced from my husband, I had to look for a job I could do from home because at that time my son was still a child, and seen that we moved to the city where we now live because of my ex-husband’s job, I hadn’t relatives that could have looked after my son. A child gives a lot to do with school, homework, medical appointments, bringing out with friends etc. and I would have never neglected my son so I needed a job without constraints that allowed me to organize my day following my son’s commitments. I started looking for something that could fit my needs and I landed on clickworker. I am so glad I found it because I am still here and I love what I do! It is the perfect job for me because I can work from home without neglecting my son, the household or my hobbies. Oh my, I was forgetting to say that I am Italian and 44 years old! I live in North Italy on the wonderful Ligurian Riviera. Read more

Living the Community Feeling: The Faces behind the Clickworker Support

Clickworker Support

Whenever someone needs help on our platform, there are two immediate courses of action one can take – contact the clickworker support team or ask the community. For a very long time, the clickworker support team consisted of 3 members – Mandy, Daniel and Angelina – who took care of all the support questions. But as the Clickworker community grew, so did the number of incoming support requests. Meanwhile, we noticed how much know-how the community was already sharing among themselves within the social media networks. An idea sparked about a community that supports itself. Thus, instead of outsourcing our workload to other companies, we simply crowdsourced it to the best possible people: Clickworkers, who had in time acquired so much knowledge about clickworker and its processes, they had nearly as much insight into some projects as we have.

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All we want is your opinion – Tips and tricks for surveys


Surveys have become one of the most popular tasks for customers as well as Clickworkers. Many companies and institutions use our community to obtain opinions about products, services or ideas, or to gather data for scientific purposes. Surveys are generally available without any prior assessments, but there are also possible snares that you should be aware of and observe when processing a survey.

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The intent and purpose of identity checks at clickworker

10.11.2015 clickworker blog 8 Comments

You may have stumbled across posts in social networks or review portals in which angry Clickworkers complain about blocked user accounts. In the course of the posts some very extraordinary theories are proposed that unfortunately unsettle other users.

To do away with rumors like “clickworker blocks Clickworker accounts at random whenever a certain amount X has been earned”, we want to provide some information about why accounts are blocked by hand in the first place. The answer is fairly straightforward: Opportunity makes a thief! Wherever money is involved, there are people with criminal energy who are ready to profit from the situation.

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Photo contest: Spider webs, skeletons and co. – this way to the competition

30.10.2015 clickworker blog 4 Comments

Open the images by clicking on it and leave your votes for the best submission.