All we want is your opinion – Tips and tricks for surveys


Surveys have become one of the most popular tasks for customers as well as Clickworkers. Many companies and institutions use our community to obtain opinions about products, services or ideas, or to gather data for scientific purposes. Surveys are generally available without any prior assessments, but there are also possible snares that you should be aware of and observe when processing a survey.

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The intent and purpose of identity checks at clickworker

10.11.2015 clickworker blog 8 Comments

You may have stumbled across posts in social networks or review portals in which angry Clickworkers complain about blocked user accounts. In the course of the posts some very extraordinary theories are proposed that unfortunately unsettle other users.

To do away with rumors like “clickworker blocks Clickworker accounts at random whenever a certain amount X has been earned”, we want to provide some information about why accounts are blocked by hand in the first place. The answer is fairly straightforward: Opportunity makes a thief! Wherever money is involved, there are people with criminal energy who are ready to profit from the situation.

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Photo contest: Spider webs, skeletons and co. – this way to the competition

30.10.2015 clickworker blog 4 Comments

Open the images by clicking on it and leave your votes for the best submission.


Welcome to the haunted house – Solve BLACK STORIES and win!

26.10.2015 clickworker blog 70 Comments

Are you in the mood for a spook? This year we have prepared three mysteries that will fill you with horror. We will post the beginnings of three short ghost stories in this blog article. Ask your YES/NO questions as a comment in this blog and unravel the mystery. Hurry up! Every new clue thins out the fog surrounding the mystic stories.

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Spider webs, skeletons and co. – Put us in the mood for Halloween!


Have you already decorated your home for Halloween? Then share your Halloween mood and send us some pictures of your spooky decor!

This is how to enter ghastly great pictures: Taka a picture of your current Halloween decoration and send us a proof picture to, by October 29, 2015; don’t forget: subject “Halloween”. Every Clickworker can enter a maximum of 2 pictures.

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