AppDate! – The Latest on the Clickworker App


We have achieved a significant milestone with the release of our Clickworker App. Our goal? Making jobs accessible anytime, anywhere, and available to as many clickworkers as possible. This is a great deal closer now.

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Fantastic Survey Codes and Where to Find Them

Look for survey Codes

Surveys are without a doubt the absolute favorite among clickworker jobs. It’s no wonder, as they can be completed quickly and without much effort from home or on the go. Simply answer a couple of questions or provide your opinion on subject X and the job is already done.

So that the customer can also be certain the survey was actually completed, a code is displayed to the clickworker after they finish answering the questions. That survey code is then pasted or simply typed into the provided field and then the job can be submitted.

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The Clickworker App for Android is here!


It’s been available for iOS for quite a while now, but the Android version of our “clickworker app” is now finally available in the Google Play store.

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AI Learning – An Exciting Field


A few decades ago something that was pure science fiction and originally used in chess software at best, has now become reality in many fields: computer programs that emulate human thought patterns, make decisions, draw conclusions and learn.

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Penguin Watch – Natural Science Research by Crowd

18.06.2018 clickworker blog 3 Comments

The term “clickworker” was famously coined in the year 2000 in a NASA crowd sourcing project. Back then the project concerned detecting and classifying craters on photographs of the surface of Mars. It was a project that, due to the enormous amount of data, could never been completed by NASA employees alone. However internet users were able to accomplish the task, and the term “clickworker” was also born as a byproduct.

Adult penguin and fledgling
(Image by user MemoryCatcher)

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