Short Story Competition: Show me how you write, and I’ll tell you who you are!

28.10.2013 clickworker blog 17 Comments

At present, there are nearly 80.000 qualified writers registered at who can create texts for our customers in 18 languages.

While many orders for text creation are successfully terminated every day, we often ask the question: ‘what individual personalities are actually behind the submitted texts’?

Spirit of the time/Zeitgeist: Today was tomorrow only yesterday…


Leave your literary footprints at and send us your best short story in either German or English by 24.11.13 at the latest with “Short Story” in the subject line to!

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Happy Halloween! Solve some Black Stories and win a prize!

18.10.2013 clickworker blog 152 Comments

While the Halloween Photo Competition is already in full swing at our Communities on Facebook and Google+ where all kinds of spooky figures are roaming around, we would now like to ring out the witching hour at

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Tips for Authors 2.0: Writing SEO texts made easy

11.10.2013 clickworker blog 3 Comments

What actually distinguishes a SEO text from other texts? The aim of SEO texts is to improve the search engine ranking of specific web pages and keywords. In order for the search engine optimization (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) to be successful, the texts must contain issue-specific keywords that must be unique and appealing to the readers.

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Tips for Authors 1.0 – In the beginning was the text

26.09.2013 clickworker blog 5 Comments
1.) Before starting – Work Instructions do not bite!

Each text creation job on has a detailed Work Instruction attached, which summarises all the details relevant for a successful completion of the tasks. Before beginning a task, it is very important to read the instructions carefully. They provide the necessary information, but can also give some preliminary indications on the style of the text required.

Please ask yourself the following questions when reading the Work Instructions:

How long should the created text be? What is the target audience?
How should the reader be addressed?
Should the keywords be included/searched/tagged?
What is the required text content?
Is any special formatting required?

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UHRS – What, Where and How? A Small Guide for Beginners

10.09.2013 clickworker blog 1 Comment
What is the UHRS?

UHRS means “Universal Human Relevance System”. It’s a partner website that can be accessed over and where you can process additional jobs. It normally deals with categorization of internet data and web pages. However, there are some more particular tasks, such as comparison of voice recordings or checking texts for specific contents.

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