Easter Greetings from clickworker – Easter Quiz 2018

01.04.2018 clickworker blog 2 Comments

We wish you a wonderful Easter celebration! We don’t want you to get bored today on Easter Sunday, so we’ve prepared a little contest for you. Take part for your chance to win 50€. The prize money winner will be selected from among all participating clickworkers.

How it works:

Answer all four Easter questions, which will qualify you to take part in the prize money drawing. Send us your guesses to all questions in an email no later than 4/2/18 to contest@clickworker.com and include the subject “Easter Quiz 2018.”

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clickworker Easter Word Search: Find all the Terms

31.03.2018 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Well now, what just came hopping across the screen? To get you a little more in the Easter mood, we have prepared a special Easter Bunny who is full of surprises.

Today we have hidden 10 terms having to do with Easter in a bunny-shaped word search. Find them all! If you’re lucky we’ll put 50€ in your Easter basket for your trouble. The prize money winner will be raffled from among all participating clickworkers.

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It Sparkles, It Shines… Happy Easter from the clickworker Community Team

30.03.2018 clickworker blog 1 Comment
Happy Easter

Have you decorated your place for Easter yet? To get into the Easter mood here at clickworker, despite the terrible weather of the past few weeks, we decorated our office this year. And of course we want to share the results of our spring awakening with you.

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Storytelling I – Good Stories Get Retold…


My friends are all having children and building houses, and are spread out around the country. In our early 30’s it really is a big event when we manage to meet up and reminisce about the old days.
It only takes a couple of anecdotes about common experiences (and maybe a glass of good chardonnay) and I am 18 again, singing along at concerts at the top of my lungs, or jumping shrieking into a lake on some after-hours moonlight outing.

Storytelling Storytelling can work according to this exact same principle. A reader gets pulled into a story that speaks to him, and in doing so, allows him to understand and experience the story, almost as if he were part of it. This method of storytelling is used in many areas today. In marketing or advertising, and in the fields of education or journalism, information and facts are imparted by way of telling stories.

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New Feature: Verify PayPal Information

16.11.2017 clickworker blog 16 Comments

Some of you will already have noticed and used it: the new button “Confirm PayPal Account data” which was recently added to the “payment details” section. For the rest of you, we’d like to briefly explain in the following blog article why we added it, what it’s for, and how it’s used.

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