AI Learning – An Exciting Field


A few decades ago something that was pure science fiction and originally used in chess software at best, has now become reality in many fields: computer programs that emulate human thought patterns, make decisions, draw conclusions and learn.

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Penguin Watch – Natural Science Research by Crowd

18.06.2018 clickworker blog 3 Comments

The term “clickworker” was famously coined in the year 2000 in a NASA crowd sourcing project. Back then the project concerned detecting and classifying craters on photographs of the surface of Mars. It was a project that, due to the enormous amount of data, could never been completed by NASA employees alone. However internet users were able to accomplish the task, and the term “clickworker” was also born as a byproduct.

Adult penguin and fledgling
(Image by user MemoryCatcher)

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Easter Greetings from clickworker – Easter Quiz 2018

01.04.2018 clickworker blog 2 Comments

We wish you a wonderful Easter celebration! We don’t want you to get bored today on Easter Sunday, so we’ve prepared a little contest for you. Take part for your chance to win 50€. The prize money winner will be selected from among all participating clickworkers.

How it works:

Answer all four Easter questions, which will qualify you to take part in the prize money drawing. Send us your guesses to all questions in an email no later than 4/2/18 to and include the subject “Easter Quiz 2018.”

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clickworker Easter Word Search: Find all the Terms

31.03.2018 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Well now, what just came hopping across the screen? To get you a little more in the Easter mood, we have prepared a special Easter Bunny who is full of surprises.

Today we have hidden 10 terms having to do with Easter in a bunny-shaped word search. Find them all! If you’re lucky we’ll put 50€ in your Easter basket for your trouble. The prize money winner will be raffled from among all participating clickworkers.

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It Sparkles, It Shines… Happy Easter from the clickworker Community Team

30.03.2018 clickworker blog 1 Comment
Happy Easter

Have you decorated your place for Easter yet? To get into the Easter mood here at clickworker, despite the terrible weather of the past few weeks, we decorated our office this year. And of course we want to share the results of our spring awakening with you.

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