Fashion victims among themselves: the crowd defines the fashion scene


What is or is not “in” is not being resolved on the global catwalks anymore; the Internet is often taking the decision to the fashion victims.

The basic idea is easy. Anyone who relates to fashion and accessories can start their own personal blog and share their daily outfits, shopping buys or style sins to potential readers. However those who prefer being part of a large community and a larger crowd, or even hope for the great breakthrough occasionally post their photos on global fashion websites, such as This platform is governed by hobby models worldwide who upload unusual street outfits and set the fashion tone. What becomes a “hype” in this community is decided exclusively by the crowd.


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YOUR mission – is crowdsourcing a successful model in the fight against crime?

17.07.2012 clickworker blog 4 Comments

Use of the (Internet) public increasingly seems like a viable way to fight crime. Keepers of the law can’t be everywhere and large investigations cannot always be carried out, especially in the case of minor offences. In the meantime, appeals by the German police on Facebook, or the Seattle based Twitter search for stolen vehicles (@getyourcarback) just about symbolize a guarded request to fulfill civic duties.


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About socks, relationships in crisis and help from the crowd

06.07.2012 clickworker blog 8 Comments
help from the crowd

A woman, let’s call her Lisa, buys socks for her husband. The socks are good brand name quality, warm and comfy. Her husband, let’s call him Kai, is pleased with the gift. But Lisa often has cold feet and soon starts to wear the socks herself. Kai is not pleased. The heels of the socks are soon thin and whenever he wants to wear them, they are either in the laundry or his wife has them on. They get into a fight – and let the crowd decide who is right.

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Map of Life: An interactive look at flora and fauna

22.06.2012 clickworker blog 5 Comments

On May 10, 2012, scientists from Yale University presented “Map of Life”, a virtual large-scale project with crowdsourcing potential. The interactive global map gives a comprehensive overview of the global distribution of animal and plant species.

This is how the map works: by clicking on the section of a country, the interested user is shown a list of species occurrence in the selected area. Furthermore, by entering the English or Latin name of a species in the search function, you can view the distribution of habitat of any given animal or plant.

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Hunting mosquitoes in the name of science

14.06.2012 clickworker blog 4 Comments

We’ve all experienced it: you’ve spent a summer evening seated on the balcony, taken a walk in the woods or left the light on in the bedroom while airing before bed: the next morning, an itchy spot. On the arms, legs or face: a mosquito bite. But a bite isn’t always bite, and mosquito isn’t always mosquito. Nobody really knows what types of mosquito are found in Germany. But that’s about to change, with the help of different research institutes and the crowd.

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