Freedom does not mean anarchy– the crowd is working on universal principles regarding freedom of expression

21.08.2012 clickworker blog 3 Comments

Communication at any price, regardless of the consequences seems easier than ever on the Internet. There are few binding guidelines for respectful and polite behavior on the net. Until now. Together with a group of master students at the University of Oxford, the British historian Timothy Garton Ash has launched a platform Free Speech Debate in which the crowd can develop principles of international communication.

The question is, who has the right to control content on the Web and set standards? Where are the limits of freedom of expression?

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Game Funding: Retro gamers reanimate childhood memories


Some video games are more than just a pastime for gamers. This assessment has been applied ever since games were officially elevated to the level of cultural artifacts. The core video gamers, the so-called connoisseurs from the outset, also share this appreciation. This is logical: why shouldn’t game history classics evoke contemporary memories in the same way music and films do?


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Fashion victims among themselves: the crowd defines the fashion scene


What is or is not “in” is not being resolved on the global catwalks anymore; the Internet is often taking the decision to the fashion victims.

The basic idea is easy. Anyone who relates to fashion and accessories can start their own personal blog and share their daily outfits, shopping buys or style sins to potential readers. However those who prefer being part of a large community and a larger crowd, or even hope for the great breakthrough occasionally post their photos on global fashion websites, such as This platform is governed by hobby models worldwide who upload unusual street outfits and set the fashion tone. What becomes a “hype” in this community is decided exclusively by the crowd.


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YOUR mission – is crowdsourcing a successful model in the fight against crime?

17.07.2012 clickworker blog 4 Comments

Use of the (Internet) public increasingly seems like a viable way to fight crime. Keepers of the law can’t be everywhere and large investigations cannot always be carried out, especially in the case of minor offences. In the meantime, appeals by the German police on Facebook, or the Seattle based Twitter search for stolen vehicles (@getyourcarback) just about symbolize a guarded request to fulfill civic duties.


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About socks, relationships in crisis and help from the crowd

06.07.2012 clickworker blog 8 Comments
help from the crowd

A woman, let’s call her Lisa, buys socks for her husband. The socks are good brand name quality, warm and comfy. Her husband, let’s call him Kai, is pleased with the gift. But Lisa often has cold feet and soon starts to wear the socks herself. Kai is not pleased. The heels of the socks are soon thin and whenever he wants to wear them, they are either in the laundry or his wife has them on. They get into a fight – and let the crowd decide who is right.

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