Reinventing the traditional Swiss Army Knife


The Victorinox brand stands for tradition, but not only in Switzerland. The classic original red Swiss Army Knife with the cross and shield is world famous and there is no doubt that it has achieved cult status.

However, Victorinox is currently searching for a fresh, new design for its traditional product. In cooperation with, a crowdsourcing platform for creative talents, Victorinox is looking for a stylish, creative look for the pocketknife.

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Bunnies Wanted – Easter greetings from and for the Crowd

23.03.2012 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Easter greetings from and for the CrowdThe time of year has come again: Spring is on its way and the Easter rabbit is hiding colorful eggs everywhere. This year, for the first time ever, also in the Clickworker community – but we don’t want to reveal too much about that yet! However, to put our Clickworkers in the mood for the brightly decorated egg feast, we want to create an Easter card together with the community.

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Curators of Sweden – Citizens twitter for Sweden

13.03.2012 clickworker blog 2 Comments

Swedish Flag by pixelthing September 2011, Sweden started a social media experiment that is unprecedented in this form. Every week the Swedish government allows a different Swedish citizen to take control of the official “@sweden” Twitter feed for their personal use.

The idea behind the action is based on the cooperation between the tourism organization VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute. Together, and with the help of the social media service Twitter, they intend to try something totally new to make Sweden more attractive to the global public.

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Crowdsourcing Advertising Campaigns: “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”


Crowdsourcing Advertising CampaignsEurope is cold and longing for sun; distant holiday destinations lure with videos and photographs of beaches, palm trees and bikini-clad women. The fact that countries try to attract tourists with advertising campaigns is not new but the Philippine government is treading new paths. Instead of spending money on professional advertising film clips and expensive advertising writers it is letting the Crowd have a go: Under the motto “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are requested to post a short slogan about what is more fun in the Philippines than elsewhere. Add matching photographs and you’ve got a large-scale, meticulously designed advertising campaign.

According to information on the news page of dailycrowdsource the Philippine government expects to increase the number of tourists from 3.7 million in 2011 to 4.2 million this year. “What the social media has allowed us to do in such a short time is allow the most number of people Read more

Searching for ET: When the Crowd Supports the Sciences

28.02.2012 clickworker blog 8 Comments

There is no doubt that for most of us mathematics was not our most fascinating and popular school subject. However, since time-consuming calculation of data is an essential prerequisite in modern science this area is also relying on support from the crowd.

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