Easter customs worlwide – Herring funerals, water battles and Easter bonfires

26.03.2016 clickworker blog 2 Comments

Easter – many people celebrate the resurrection of Christ all over the world. However, around the globe, very different traditions and some quite crazy traditions have evolved. We have listed a few examples here.
If your country is not included, please share your special Easter customs with other Clickworkers in a blog article comment.

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Easter raffle: Fun, games, chocolate treats!


Are your Easter baskets full this year, or could you do with something sweet? Today, you can win a colorful, mouth-watering Easter package especially put together for those of you with a strong liking for sweets. Your Easter basket is packed with tasty chocolate. Are you hungry yet? Then take part in our Easter raffle and win an Easter basket!

This is how to take part in the contest:

• Solve all three riddles and make a note of the results.
• Send your results via email to contest@clickworker.com, subject “Easter 2016”.
• All Clickworker submissions with the correct answers will be entered into a random drawing.

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clickworker Easter special – Contests and facts about the Easter holiday

24.03.2016 clickworker blog 1 Comment

clickworker Easter special

Dear Clickworkers,

Today is Holy Thursday and we are launching this year’s Easter special. The blog will include new contests and exciting information about Easter customs from all over the world for you every day until Easter Monday.

Would you like to win your own Easter package or have you always wanted to know in which country large water hose battles are fought? Then be sure to check out the blog and find out what surprises you can look forward to!

Have fun!

Interview: Experiences of Support Clickworker Hazel


In today’s blog article we wanted to give you the chance to learn a little about Hazel, who has been with us for quite some time and has already gathered experiences with various Clickworker tasks, one of which is the role of Support Clickworker.

Hazel, tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Clickworker:

I’m a 30-something mum living in England, UK, I live with my fiancé, my son, 2 cats and 1 dog. I’ve been working for myself for 11 years after not wanting to leave my son at home so young. Since he was diagnosed with a disability I decided to keep on working from home. I became a Clickworker 2 years ago after looking for some extra income after a contract ended.

Support Clickworker Hazel

Responsible for:

Email support team member, UK Associate for job listings, Reputation Manager. I also volunteer as a Facebook group admin for the community and business pages and am a Clickworker forum moderator.

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Interview: Life and thoughts of support Clickworker Dely


In last week’s article, we announced that you are going to get a glimpse into the life and the thoughts of other Clickworkers. Dely, who is a forum moderator and support Clickworker, has kindly agreed to give us an interview. Who knows, maybe you will even find similarities to your own experiences?


Dely, please tell us a little about yourself and how you became a Clickworker:

Support Clickworker Dely I became a Clickworker in 2011. When I divorced from my husband, I had to look for a job I could do from home because at that time my son was still a child, and seen that we moved to the city where we now live because of my ex-husband’s job, I hadn’t relatives that could have looked after my son. A child gives a lot to do with school, homework, medical appointments, bringing out with friends etc. and I would have never neglected my son so I needed a job without constraints that allowed me to organize my day following my son’s commitments. I started looking for something that could fit my needs and I landed on clickworker. I am so glad I found it because I am still here and I love what I do! It is the perfect job for me because I can work from home without neglecting my son, the household or my hobbies. Oh my, I was forgetting to say that I am Italian and 44 years old! I live in North Italy on the wonderful Ligurian Riviera. Read more