Artificial Intelligence in road traffic


AI Road Traffic

The transport network is clearly reaching its limits. It has been the subject of public discussion for decades. But how can traffic jams be avoided, the traffic flow be optimized and the number of traffic fatalities be reduced? It is common knowledge that changing road traffic regulations alone will not solve the problem. A comprehensive rethink is needed: more public transport, intelligent traffic networking and autonomous driving are the key words. How can artificial intelligence contribute to the optimization of road traffic?

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AI creates new business models


AI Business Models

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the market. Machine learning creates new business models that were not even conceivable a few years ago. Anyone who, at the turn of the last century, predicted that a company would soon offer virtual customers to other companies and even earn money with that would have been ridiculed. But this has become reality today. The structures of the new Artificial Intelligence Economy are beginning to emerge.

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Artificial Intelligence in Germany


AI in Germany

Artificial intelligence is changing the world. There is no doubt about it. Self-learning algorithms are now being developed all over the world and an increasing number of economies are focusing on promoting AI development at a domestic level. Machine learning benefits mankind all over the world – individual countries profit from it. But what is the current status of artificial intelligence in Germany? Can German AI development compete on an international level? And what about state subsidies?

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Which Google ranking factors really count?


Google ranking factors

Content, keywords, page speed, backlinks, meta tags and much more – the number of supposed factors for placement on Google is large. But which ranking criteria really count? A new study by Backlinko brings some light into the darkness. After all, the study is based on 11.8 million search queries. It confirms what is already known, but it also offers surprises.

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9 tips for your online marketing in the age of coronavirus


Corona + Online-Marketing

The Corona crisis gives entrepreneurs many opportunities to draw attention to themselves, especially online. Social media, Google and your own website should therefore be particularly well maintained during the COVID 19 crisis. These 9 tips are valid in the age of digitalization and also for upcoming crises.

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