7 Tips for Successful Storytelling



In the last few years the storytelling format has proven to be very effective in advertising. With a good story you touch the customers’ hearts and that undoubtedly promotes sales. But how does successful storytelling work? These 7 tips lead to a good story that will help you achieve your goal.

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Seven tips for your website relaunch


Website Relaunch

There comes a time when your website needs a fresh coat of paint, a new structure and new content. But what does it take to make your relaunch successful? Above all, consistent planning. Simply proceed one step at a time.

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Cognitive Ease: How to Use the Lethargy of our Brains


Cognitive Ease

The human brain is lazy by nature. It loves the familiar and shuns any exertion. But that is nothing negative because the brain conserves energy this way, and allows you to develop strategies on how to optimize communication with your customers on websites, social media platforms or newsletters to raise conversion rates.

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German Packaging Law 2019 – new obligations for online retailers in Germany


German Packaging Law

If you want to send goods, then you have to package them first. As a result, end-consumers have to deal with a lot of packaging waste. The objective of the new Packaging Law is to reduce waste and promote recycling and re-use of packaging materials. This requires a solid database and the registration of all packaging manufacturers involved. It also creates new obligations for online retailers. How much more effort does this entail for e-commerce? The law has mainly established new registration obligations – and a newly created Central Packaging Registry.

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Social Media Marketing – A Look at the Future


Social Media

The web is constantly changing. This is especially true for social media. What was new just yesterday is already old today. Innovative algorithms and changing user habits set new trends, and these offer opportunities for social media marketing. What developments will the future bring? We’ll take a look into our crystal ball, based on current trends.

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