Crowdsourcing Synergies: clickworker Takes Over bitworxx


clickworker, Europe’s leading provider of crowdsourcing solutions, is changing its company name to clickworker GmbH and acquires bitworxx GmbH. bitworxx specializes in preparing product data for online shops and mail-order companies.

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Look through web videos, enjoy and do a good deed


The charity project around the German Webvideopreis 2013 of the European Web Video Academy in cooperation with Clickworker.

more (in German) offers tasks to Finnish online jobbers

18.12.2012, the European market leader in the area of paid crowdsourcing is expanding its online job offers to Finnish Internet users who enjoy writing and editing.

The platform has been providing micro jobs in the areas of text creation, web research, translations, tagging and data categorisation for the last five years. Worldwide over 300.000 Internet users are registered on the platform. They are ready to handle any number of tasks according to their skills and preferences. An increased demand from Finnish e-commerce businesses for short product descriptions has prompted to offer text creation and editing jobs to Finnish Internet users.

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George Eastman House taps Clickworker for iconic global crowdsourcing project


Clickworker utilizes its workforce in the cloud to catalog and tag more than 400,000 photos — bringing to life yet-unseen collections from the world’s oldest photography museum.

George Eastman House the world’s oldest photography museum founded in 1947 on the estate of Kodak founder George Eastman, and Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announce the kick-off of a large-scale, iconic crowdsourcing project. The project involves the photo-tagging and cataloging of more than 400,000 images from George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

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Clickworker Grows to 100,000 Clickworkers, Expanding its Workforce in the Cloud


Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announced this week it has reached a workforce of 100,000 in the “cloud”, also called clickworkers.

Clickworker is a “go-to” marketplace offering a range of quality-assured content solutions for clients who need large-scale projects completed quickly and accurately. From SEO text creation and data authentication, to translations and copywriting, these tasks generally can’t be completed by a computer or efficiently through a company’s existing personnel structure.

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