Clickworker presents new order platform at the dmexco 2011


From September 21 – 22, 2011, Clickworker will present its new online order system at the dmexco, the leading digital marketing fair.

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George Eastman House taps Clickworker for iconic global crowdsourcing project


Clickworker utilizes its workforce in the cloud to catalog and tag more than 400,000 photos — bringing to life yet-unseen collections from the world’s oldest photography museum.

George Eastman House the world’s oldest photography museum founded in 1947 on the estate of Kodak founder George Eastman, and Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announce the kick-off of a large-scale, iconic crowdsourcing project. The project involves the photo-tagging and cataloging of more than 400,000 images from George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film.

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New ideas, new expertise, new networks


Europe’s inaugural crowdsourcing conference deemed a complete success

The first ever crowdsourcing conference , organised by Europe’s most successful company for paid crowdsourcing,, took place on 15 June 2011 in Berlin. Crowdconvention was an opportunity for those involved in this young, innovative and rapidly growing industry to exchange new ideas and expertise and to get down to some serious networking. Many interesting speakers spoke about their projects and experiences and were all convinced that crowdsourcing is much more than a passing trend.

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Key contract finalised with the market leader in online voucher retailing

Groupon GmbH is to benefit from the experience of the most successful European crowdsourcing platform, Groupon will maximise the platform’s expertise in the field of text generation and search engine optimisation.

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Clickworker Grows to 100,000 Clickworkers, Expanding its Workforce in the Cloud


Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announced this week it has reached a workforce of 100,000 in the “cloud”, also called clickworkers.

Clickworker is a “go-to” marketplace offering a range of quality-assured content solutions for clients who need large-scale projects completed quickly and accurately. From SEO text creation and data authentication, to translations and copywriting, these tasks generally can’t be completed by a computer or efficiently through a company’s existing personnel structure.

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