Commitment to Fight Radical Right Wing Content on the Internet


Clickworkers find 1,550 radical right wing websites and web 2.0 entries—analysis on

In the forums their name might be “NSDAP88”, they listen to “Heimattreu (Homeland-loyal radio) Radio” and browse special dating websites to find a romantic partner who shares their radical views. Members of the radical right are very active on the internet and the size and speed of this medium often makes it difficult to monitor the activities of the radical right and to know how to actively stand up against them.

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High-School sports media network places its trust in

California-based, an American Internet sport media network, is the latest addition to’s client portfolio in its drive to expand into the US market. is Europe’s most successful company for paid crowdsourcing. has commissioned to tag films and images of various sporting events for popular high school sports. In addition to traditional American sports such as American football, baseball and basketball, the deal also covers other sports, including soccer and lacrosse.

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