tagesspiegel: Working world 4.0

tagesspiegel Clickworker

The world of work is changing. In the course of digitalization, work processes and working methods are changing. The trend is away from long-term employment and permanent jobs towards free working.

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1E9: Why AI doesn’t work without Clickworker

AI Clickworker

Artificial intelligence could make millions of jobs superfluous. But before that happens (or doesn’t happen), AI creates countless new jobs.

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NDRinfo: Digital day workers in Germany

ndr clickworker

Whether on the bus, the train or at home on their balcony – they pull out their smartphone and earn a bit of extra money. An increasing number of people are making use of this option: so-called Clickworkers.

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Radio Essen: Can you really earn money at home?

earn money at home

Seated on the couch, click a bit on your computer and earn money – it sounds too good to be true. But it is reality – clickworker, a company located in Bredeney, has made a business model out of it. They have over one million people worldwide clicking away to earn money at home. Radio Essen reporter Sven Christian Schulz visited the Clickworkers.

techemergence: How Microtasking Helps Optimize AI-Based Search

AI Based Search

This week on AI in Industry we interview Vito Vishnepolsky of ClickWorker. Clickworker is a large and well-rated microtasking marketplace. Clickworker cloud technology platform caters data management and web research services as well as AI algorithms training.