CSR-NEWS.NET: What can be moved with the power of the crowd

Crowdsourcing in the field of CSR projects
Doesn’t it seem natural to include society in the realization of CSR projects – to do something for society with the help of society? Today, on account of modern Internet technologies, it has become easily possible to reach the full spectrum of our society. The Internet offers an enormous volume of data and communication possibilities. A large transparency, networked structures, peer production, collaborations and interest-focused network communities are the outcome. With a summons for direct or indirect support and participation in a CSR project, a whole crowd of Internet users can be quickly found for the project. more

TriplePundit: Crowdsourcing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Large companies lead the way. A number of large companies including Pepsi, Fiat, Lego, McDonald’s and Starbucks discovered crowdsourcing as a means of obtaining product ideas, opinions and user behavior directly from the consumer long ago.

These companies use their prominence and their own consumer fan community in social networks and/or on their own web pages and blogs. However, small and medium-sized companies with a lesser degree of popularity and smaller fan communities on Facebook and Co. can also make use of the crowdsourcing concept. Crowds belonging to one or more crowdsourcing platforms take the place of the fan communities of the large corporations. more

Online-Marketing Experts: Crowdsourcing in the service of online marketing

It is common knowledge that the changes in the field of IT and “New Media” are progressing at a very quick pace and involve continuously new possibilities and trends. In relation to its importance for marketing management one can say that hardly any topic turns out more new knowledge than online marketing.

Companies must constantly observe the trends and changes in the areas of search engine optimization, search engine advertisement, additional online advertisement options, social media, mobile devices and communication channels, as well as web based interactive options in order to provide marketing activities that are target-oriented and up to date. more

Handelszeitung: Increasing profit with the crowd

The power of numbers: how corporations handle gigantic projects with the assistance of a multitude of Internet helpers.
The task sounded nearly impossible. The problem facing Markt.de was: how can a complete glossary be written within just a matter of months? The Internet site needed over two thousand advice texts at short notice to make their offer more attractive to surfers. The scope of topics ranged from «How do I raise a colt?» to «Second-hand BMW 3 series». more… (in German)

WirtschaftsKurier: A Welcome Windfall

Growth plans: whether a well established medium-sized company or an ambitious newcomer – suitable corporate financing is available for both. However, it depends on the individual circumstances.
While the NBE Group is a company that belongs to a more traditional sector, clickworker.com conducts an entirely new business model. It is based on crowdsourcing, a term made up of “outsourcing” and “crowd”, i.e. the outsourcing of tasks to the crowd. more… (in German)