Handelszeitung: Increasing profit with the crowd

April 27, 2012
The power of numbers: how corporations handle gigantic projects with the assistance of a multitude of Internet helpers.
The task sounded nearly impossible. The problem facing Markt.de was: how can a complete glossary be written within just a matter of months? The Internet site needed over two thousand advice texts at short notice to make their offer more attractive to surfers. The scope of topics ranged from «How do I raise a colt?» to «Second-hand BMW 3 series». more… (in German)

WirtschaftsKurier: A Welcome Windfall

March 15, 2012
Growth plans: whether a well established medium-sized company or an ambitious newcomer – suitable corporate financing is available for both. However, it depends on the individual circumstances.
While the NBE Group is a company that belongs to a more traditional sector, clickworker.com conducts an entirely new business model. It is based on crowdsourcing, a term made up of “outsourcing” and “crowd”, i.e. the outsourcing of tasks to the crowd. more… (in German)

Staffing Industry: Wisdom of the Crowd

March 2, 2012
Staffing Industry
Change is in the air. For an industry that’s already evolved significantly from the “Kelly Girl” days, the future promises more change to come. So what’s in store?
For starters, we’ll see more projects being crowdsourced, more hiring in the cloud, more use of technology, more independent workers and the increased use of vendor management systems. In short, more of everything.
Crowdsourcing ranks as an emerging practice. Crowdsourcing has been used for recruiting, but it’s also a relatively new area and it remains to be seen as to whether crowdsourcing could itself be a new branch of the staffing industry. more

KIT: Manpower from the Digital Cloud

March 1, 2012
IT at KIT: Researchers have developed quality management systems for online platforms that coordinate the rate of work and creativity of freelancers via Internet. “Cloud Computing” enables companies to fall back on scalable computing power and storage capacity. In contrast though, a “People Cloud” makes a scalable number of workers available via Internet. They are used when non-automated tasks such as allocating images, researching information or writing texts are requested. The central challenge is the constant quality of the work results. This is now ensured by a quality management developed by KIT. more… (in German)

TopHotel: Direct Feedback

February 7, 2012
With the help of highly productive web tools, hoteliers are able to create an online survey in the wink of an eye. Certainly, the careful selection of questions as well as prudent participant recruiting is necessary. more… (in German)