Absatzwirtschaft: The new brand is called participation


Crowdsourcing is becoming a significant supply sector in the value-added chain. Companies recognize the impressive scalability potential of crowd participation, the marketing effects and the increased customer loyalty opportunities it involves.

Wirtschaftsinformatik & Management: “In my opinion, crowdsourcing does not replace standard means of labor or work processes.”

Crowdsourcing is establishing itself as an alternative to outsourcing. Prof. Dr. Matthias Schumann and Peter Pagel spoke with Christian Rozsenich, Managing Director at Clickworker Germany about where the opportunities and the risks lie and how this development will progress in the following years.
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Süddeutsche: Digital Hired Laborers

Companies can now post job offers world-wide, secure the best talent, and even save on wages. They post assignments in online platforms. This is an easy way of making money for many freelancers. (By Caspar Dohmen, Cologne) more… (in German)

Investment Alternativen: Interview with Marc Ahr, Managing Director of Clickworker

Crowdsourcing is on everyone’s lips and is already being regarded as a revolutionary development in business. Marc Ahr explains how the crowdsourcing plattorm clickworker.com works.
Mr. Ahr, please give us a brief explanation about how Clickworker works. read the interview… (in German)

e-commerce Magazin: Crowdsourcing – clickworkers implement company projects

Outsourcing to the crowd, the anonymous mass is the concept behind the neologism crowdsourcing. Amazon produces films with crowdsourcing, users can create their own shower gel for the drugstore brand DM, and the Lindner hotel chain wanted to enhance their hotel concept via crowdsourcing. However, Pepsi takes the cake this year: its “Crash the Superbowl” contest is looking for the funniest commercial. The winner receives $1,000,000. more… (in German)