förderland: Quick-start “crowdsourcing”

Founders are euphoric about their idea and are sometimes stuck in self-exploitation, often spending entire nights preparing and beginning new businesses. Legal matters are clarified, funding is available, the business concept is planned and the product or service already developed. By this point most people would have already noted that they’ve underestimated their time and are limited in resources. more… (in German)

ZAKOO: Dozens of micro-tasks for several thousand online workers

In most cases money earned on the Internet is associated with some paid-mail offering or dubious casino scams. Yet there is indeed another opportunity for you to make money for real work. It is called crowdsourcing, or microtasking, and it’s becoming more loved and popular in Germany. Zakoo.de took a closer look at the German market-leader clickworker.com

KressReport: Mole hunt for the National Library

From old texts to new types of sausages – let the masses judge: Crowdsourcing is spreading. The blogger Claudia Pelzer wants to link into the scene now. Sometimes it is all about sausages, if consulting wisdom of the crowd. For six months via Facebook the Rügenwalder Mill sausage experts and sausage testers have sought to connect people to participate in the development of new ham flavors like Tomato-Arugula.more… (in German)

pressetext: Knowledge of the masses is becoming a more precious commodity in research and business

The Internet increasingly helps capture the potential knowledge and cooperation of the masses. In crowdsourcing researchers are currently outlining a short study on future technology consulting. “In the next few years it is likely that crowdsourcing will become a commonplace solution. There are already several positive reports in science and business, though many legal and ethical questions must still be clarified,” says study author Norbert Malanowski in a press interview. more… (in German)

The Wall Street Journal: Crowdsourcing Brings Historical Archive Online

Wall Street Journal
In an effort to bring the George Eastman House archive online, Dr. Anthony Bannon, Director at George Eastman House in Rochester New York, has announced partnership with Clickworker, an international crowdsourcing company. The project involves photo-tagging of more than 400,000 images from the George Eastman House, one of the world’s oldest photography museums. more