Research & Results: What Crowdsourcing can Deliver

Research & Results
Surveys within a company or on their website only reach those with whom the company already has contact. But those who use crowdsourcing have the benefit of being recognized by a greater audience. more… (in German)

funkschau: Scalable work force in the cloud

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Manual tasks that need to be done frequently can overload the process and workflows of a business. Using tools from the Unified Communications product line allows you to efficiently outsource such work. The newest buzz word is: People-Cloud. Shorter product life cycles, increasing competition, globalization, and rapidly changing conditions in the business environment are forcing companies to provide faster, more flexible and higher quality services than ever before. more… (in German) Paid Crowdsourcing: 100,000 new staff members

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Contracting text writing, programming and other tasks to freelancers over the Internet, so-called “crowdsourcing,” is already par for the course in the American workforce. However, when allocating valuable tasks to a “crowd,” there are a few things to keep in mind. more… (in German)

RBJ: Museum to use crowdsourcing on archives


George Eastman House is working on project with Clickworker

The George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film has a goal of tagging and cataloging its archive of more than 400,000 images and is getting help from a team of 115,000 workers, each with a keyboard and mouse.
The museum has teamed with Clickworker Inc. on a large-scale crowdsourcing project. Clickworker’s virtual workforce of mor than 115,000 will use a Web-based platform to input information to tag and catalogue the museum’s image collection. more

Crowdsourcing Gazette UK: Clickworker Partners With International Museum for Major Crowdsourcing Project

Crowdsourcing Gazette UK
The world renowned George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film is planning a large scale project that would see its vast collection of photographs available to the world. For this mammoth task the museum has called on the services of Clickworker, one of the leading providers of crowdsourced workers. The goal is to bring the museum’s archives of over 400,000 images to the digital age for the world to enjoy.