Radio Essen: Can you really earn money at home?

April 27, 2018
earn money at home

Seated on the couch, click a bit on your computer and earn money – it sounds too good to be true. But it is reality – clickworker, a company located in Bredeney, has made a business model out of it. They have over one million people worldwide clicking away to earn money at home. Radio Essen reporter Sven Christian Schulz visited the Clickworkers.

techemergence: How Microtasking Helps Optimize AI-Based Search

February 4, 2018
AI Based Search

This week on AI in Industry we interview Vito Vishnepolsky of ClickWorker. Clickworker is a large and well-rated microtasking marketplace. Clickworker cloud technology platform caters data management and web research services as well as AI algorithms training.

more Evergreen Content – The Cash Cow among the content types

November 20, 2017
Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content helps you to generate traffic permanently and to achieve top rankings in Google & Co. Creation, examples & benefits of evergreen content.

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DW: Teachers for AI — can robots create more jobs than they retire?

October 27, 2017
Deutsche Welle

While headway in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry has many worried about potential jobs losses, others see this as a perfect opportunity to nurture an economy that is completely human-based.


Bloomberg Businessweek: The Future of AI Depends on a Huge Workforce of Human Teachers

September 9, 2017
Bloomberg Businessweek

VCs are investing heavily in startups that tap people to make artificial intelligence better at speaking, seeing, and driving.