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The “Elektrische Reporter” the magazine for Net culture, reported online and on the TVchannel ZDFinfokanal about the digital transformation with a focus on society, economy and culture. Video (in German)

POP PHOTO: George Eastman House Wants Online Users to Help Tag Images

POP Photo
In an effort to get their incredible photography archives online and searchable, the George Eastman House has turned to crowdsourcing as a way to tag and catalogue hundreds of thousands of images. more

dmw: Crowdsourcing Shines Light on Rare Photos

Faced with the massive task of putting its images into a useful catalog, the George Eastman House photography museum partnered with Clickworker to harness the power of crowdsourcing. The end result will turn the museum’s collections into a searchable library of photos that would otherwise never be fully appreciated – in either sense of the word. more

Social Media Magazin: Crowdconvention 2011 in Berlin

social media
A popular definition of crowdsourcing says it’s ”an online model of decentralized problem-solving and production”. Wired reporter Jeff Howe coined the phrase in 2006 using ”crowd” and ”outsourcing”. Through crowdsourcing, a company or institution makes tasks available not only to in-house workers or to a service, but rather to a large, open group. Regular payment isn’t part of the definition. Many crowdsourcing projects are made attractive to workers by other means. A concise overview of the crowdsourcing scene was presented at Crowdconvention on June 15 in Berlin. more… (in German)

twago: Crowdconvention Berlin – The future of Crowdsourcing

Yesterday, the international crowdsourcing community met up for the first European crowdsourcing conference: crowdconvention. Clickworker.com together with CrowdFlower, Crowdsortium and Microtask organized the event, where all participants could view interesting talks and panel discussions about the latest developments in crowdsourcing. more