Research & Results: All facets of Crowdsourcing

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Crowdconvention 2011 will be the first ever crowdsourcing conference in Europe. On June 15th experts from all over the world meet at the InterContinental in Berlin to discuss the opportunities and risks associated with crowdsourcing. more… (in German)

Webselling: Utilize the Wisdom of the Crowd

Wikipedia and Facebook have proven that their users want to – and do – create interesting content. But what does this mean for businesses? The earliest examples speak volumes more… (in German)

ZDNet: Paid Crowdsourcing: Still Largely Misunderstood in Germany

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In contrast to the US, the power of the crowd – and crowdsourcing itself – remains largely a mystery to the German public. Wolfgang Kitza, CEO of the crowdsourcing platform Clickworker, explains how companies profit by tapping into the deep knowledge- and skill-base of the crowd as guest writer for the business/technology news site ZDNet. more… (in German)

c’t: Digital Piecework

Crowdsourcing: Micro-jobs Online
Crowdsourcing in Germany bobs up and down at modest levels; quite different to how it works in the U.S. But social networks and smartphones can lend wings to Internet-based projects in Europe, too. more… (in German)

WCEO Radio: Clickworker: Putting People to Work – Interview with David Moufarrege, COO of Clickworker

the CEO Hour, April 15th 2011. David Moufarrege, Chief Operating Officer, U.S. Operations, was the recipient of Digital Rochester’s Rising Star Award-recognizing an organization that leveraged innovative technology to establish a viable new business or market segment which demonstrably contributes to the Greater Rochester community. more